Why does dandruff appear?

Dandruff on the head, unfortunately, is not just a cosmetic defect. Its appearance is caused by deeper disturbances in the body and is often accompanied by hair loss or the deceleration of hair growth.

Dandruff affects the oily hair more often than other hair types because it is associated with seborrhea. The appearance of dandruff has a mass of indirect and immediate causes. Let’s figure them out.

In general, the most direct cause of dandruff is the fungus Pityrosporum Ovale. Such fungus seriously affects our health. This microorganism activates, multiplies and occupies the sebaceous glands, and causes premature death of epidermal cells.

The epidermis, which normally functions for about 30 days, dies much earlier, and turns in white flakes, causes oily hair roots. Moreover, the access of oxygen to the skin worsens, that leads to hair loss, and also causes itching.

I’ll tell you a little secret – this fungus can live on the skin of most healthy people, but a healthy organism will not allow it to multiply uncontrollably and cause dandruff. In fact, other factors lead to a handcuff.

Indirect causes of dandruff can be unhealthy ration (sweet, fatty food, lack of vitamins), stress, smoking, improperly selected shampoo, alkaline detergents, aggressive chemicals, winter season, temperature effects and many others.

The main reasons for the appearance of dandruff are endocrine, immune and hormonal disorders – you should contact the appropriate specialists, dermatologist, and trichologist if you want to determine the causes of your problems correctly. After the examination and by the results of the tests, the doctor will choose the most optimal treatment for you.

Also, there is an opinion that dandruff appears when the body is slagged, and with the help of dandruff, it gets rid of toxins. Of course, it’s not a secret that lifestyle and nutrition have a beneficial effect on the scalp!

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  1. My trichologist advised me the shampoo with ketoconazole advised, and it really helped!

  2. The recipe of the shampoo against dandruff is simple: pour sulfur into the shampoo and add a few drops of the birch tar – that is all!

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