What Hair Color suits Green Eyes the Best

Do you have green eyes and you’re planning to get a nice hair color to suit your dreamy eyes? If you don’t have any ideas on what hair color you should choose, don’t worry, we got you! We’ll teach you how to choose the right hair colors properly.

Because of their stunning eye color, most ladies with green eyes receive a ton of praises every day. Green eyed people are among the fortunate few who can experiment with a variety of hair colors that are sure to go well with their eyes. When deciding what color to wear with green eyes, your skin tone is also a crucial factor to take into account.

What Colors Should I Avoid If I Have Green Eyes?

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When picking the best hair color for green eyes, it is generally advised to stay away from any shade of gray or silver as well as any related hues.

The hair color or tint you choose should hide faults, suit your skin tone, and highlight your gorgeous green eyes. Despite being in style, cool and vibrant hues should be avoided.

What Colors Should I Pick If I Have Green Eyes?

Warm hues typically go nicely with green eyes. Therefore, golden or bronze-toned colors are encouraged.

Blonde hair will highlight your light eye color with its warm, golden appeal. The ideal color combinations for the greatest hair color for green eyes are shown below, taking into account the various skin tones.

Best Hair Color For Green Eyes And Cool Skin Tone

If you have fair skin and green eyes, you are very lucky! You have a lot of hair color options to choose from. 

These colors include red, brown, and golden tones. Highlights are the main focus for women with cool skin tones. Taupe and ash are two highlight tones to think about. 

Honey-colored hues offer a lovely, delicate contrast to the primary color used as the background. 

For the greatest hair color to complement green eyes, cool skin tones should aim to calm down the blue-red undertones of the complexion. Black, gold, caramel, honey, and any orange-based colors should be avoided. Don’t worry, we’ll go through more details below.

Olive Skin Tones and Green Eyes

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Deep reddish colors will blend easily because olive skin already has green undertones. The golden specks in your eyes will be highlighted by deep golden blondes, copper-based hues, chocolate browns, and rich golden browns. 

Avoid blue, green, or violet bases for the best hair color for green eyes when you have olive complexion. Additionally, stay away from anything ashy or platinum blonde.

Fair Skin and Green Eyes

Are you confused if you have fair or light skin? Here’s the answer! Women with fair skin have porcelain complexions, whereas those with light skin are slightly darker. 

The greatest hair color for green eyes tends to be lighter tints for fair-skinned ladies. Red tones will draw attention to your stunning eyes while hiding freckles and other skin imperfections. 

Black, brown, and some blonde colors are all excellent dark tones. With fair skin, the general goal is to create a contrast that draws attention to the eyes.

Light Skin and Green Eyes

Light brown and blonde hair are ideal for people with fair skin and green eyes. Your hair will match your eyes the best if you add blonde highlights to accent it.

Ash Brown Color

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A cool, multifaceted color like ash brown is always in style. Additionally, when framed against your cold skin, blonde ombre, balayage, and highlights really bring out the best in green eyes.

To create the ashy brown effect, your hair must be pre-lightened, blonde, or light brown before dyeing it this hue.

Black hair, if you wish to go any darker than brown, is a color that wonderfully complements jewel green.

Ash Blonde

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Green eyes and blonde hair are a beautiful combination. Ash blonde is an extremely pale, nearly white shade of blonde with cold, smokey undertones that wonderfully brings out the color of the wearer’s green eyes. 

The blonde shade is exquisitely mixed with hues of blue, purple, and silver and is more multidimensional than platinum blonde.

Your hair will need a light base color to create it, however it doesn’t have to be particularly light. Use it in conjunction with deeper hues like Ash brown to create balayage or ombre effects when dying.

Purple Tones

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Given that green and purple are next to each other on the color wheel, green eyes complement purple tones and will make the hue appear more vibrant. Any green is given a boost in intensity by the red and blue tones found in purple tints.

For all-over chill, choose dark purple hues like burgundy, plum, and the current blackberry. Or, to really draw attention to your eyes, add purple highlights to your cool blonde hair.


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Caramel blonde is a delicious, creamy shade that gives blonde hair depth and tenderness. Another variant that accentuates flecks, tones, and highlights is honey blonde.

Go for highlights to provide texture and depth and make your green peepers stand out, or use it for ombre and balayage to blend with golden brown.

If your hair isn’t already blonde, you’ll need a bleached or pre-lightened base to get this effect. 

Does dark or light hair make green eyes pop?

The topic is frequently disputed among hair colorists. While some claim that green eyes stand out more against light hair, others contend that the opposite can occur if you have contrasting colors like brown or black.

Choosing the Right Hair Color for your Green Eyes

Now that you have already known about everything that you need to know about how to accentuate your pretty green eyes. You don’t have to worry too much about how your new hair will suit you, you just have to be more confident in your own skin.

No matter which color you choose, just know that you are always going to be beautiful and gorgeous!

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