How to Spice Up Your Auburn Hair with Highlights

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This year, just let splendidly rich auburn color spice up your hair color. Auburn hair has been enticing hair lovers worldwide with its brilliant colors, which range from a moderate ginger tinge to a deep, dark brown. It is gorgeous, yes? I know right?!

These red and orange hues of auburn hair are consistently related to the fall season. Nevertheless, this color becomes incredibly fashionable regardless whatever season of year it is when auburn hair is combined with blonde highlights. We adore the warm appearance that this combination of red and gorgeous tones produces, which works well on a range of skin tones. 

Are you sure about your ideal auburn hair color and highlight style? Discover the most attractive colors this season by reading this.

Auburn Hair with Highlights

Auburn Hair
Source: Instagram @_watchmepaint

The amazing combination of brown, dark ginger and red hues for this hair color gives the exquisite and luxurious sun-kissed hair vibes that makes you stand out and shine confidently even more. The auburn Hair Highlights is a must try out hairstyle because It is often worn by many known celebrities and are quite popular these days and maybe it’s your time to try this out!

It can be difficult to choose the right shade of auburn, but with so many options, there’s bound to be one that looks great on everyone. Cooler skin tones and dark eyes compliment deep red hair, whereas lighter hair complements pale complexion and light eyes. 

Aside from regular touch-ups, tips to maintain the color lasting longer include washing less frequently, no more than two or three times each week. You should also avoid using salt and pool water, as these can both strip the pigment. Finally, sun protection is critical in reducing color loss.

Of course, you can always add a touch of auburn to your look with highlights! Auburn can be more difficult to maintain than other hues, particularly if it includes brighter red tones, because red pigment fades faster. It’s even more difficult if you have naturally light hair, as it will fade much faster. 

Moreover, despite the tricky way to try this out, it is still worth it because auburn is a rich color that flatters someone’s features and looks great on various or any type of skin tones with these warm,bold and super rich colors! 

The addition of auburn highlights can increase perceived depth and luminosity. This color’s crimson pigments will add brightness to your hair while keeping a natural appearance.

10 Ways to Spice Up Your Auburn Hair 

Auburn Hair
Source: Instagram @_watchmepaint

You can pick a chiller or warmer red, a lighter or darker shade, add highlights to the combination, or experiment with blonde highlights highlights and lowlights depending on your physical appearance. Alluring auburns and browns with such a reddish accent can be found here!

#1 Auburn Hair with Cherry and Copper Tints

Auburn Hair
Source: Instagram @_watchmepaint

In case you’re not sure which auburn hair color to use, experiment with a color wheel and think about brownish, colors such as red, and some shades in between. Seek advice from a hair stylist, who will use his magic to select the ideal hue to complement your skin tone and eye color. These shades of cherry, cocoa, and copper look stunning on long hair.

#2 Caramel and Auburn Lowlights

Auburn Hair
Source: Instagram @roxxaayyyhair

You won’t be capable of stopping admiring yourself in every mirror with that lovely hairstyle. 

Try adding bold caramel highlights including a starkly different dark brown with something like a plum red undertone as a twist to the typical auburn hair color. This warms up the overall appearance and adds a dash of elegance. It pairs beautifully to brown eyes and medium skin tones.

#3 Cinnamon Brown and Auburn Balayage

Auburn Hair
Source: Instagram @denisesuzanne_

The reddish-brown shade is the newest in-style color for giving any style richness and warmth. 

Give special attention to this gorgeous shade of auburn that was produced by blending auburn and cinnamon brown tones. It looks so gentle and smooth! It makes sense why fashionistas are so interested in auburn hair color choices right now. 

This color will show you shiny hair, richness, and texture whether you choose light or dark!

#4 Auburn with Brown Hair Color

Auburn Hair
Source: Instagram @rileypaintsribbons

Hair in this shade with a brown highlight often varies from medium to dark. It has more brilliant color pigments than those of other brown tones and it is a good color choice for practically all skin tones due to this feature. 

You can always select reddish balayage or ombre if you’re unsure whether to go with auburn or brown hair. Once you start wearing these majestic hues, you won’t want to switch your look at all because it looks so stunning! 

#5 Reddish Auburn Highlights

Auburn Hair
Source: Instagram @_watchmepaint

Rich auburn coloring is warming, shimmering, and elegant mostly because it contains more red than the typical dark brown. Typically, this color combination gives off a dark red appearance. 

There is no doubt that waves and red hair highlights go together perfectly. To jazz up your look, experiment somehow with your natural brown tones by emphasizing them by adding reddish auburn. If your hair isn’t naturally curly, curl it to resemble gorgeous beach waves.

#6 Red Hair with Copper Highlights

Auburn Hair
Source: Instagram @_watchmepaint

Warm copper highlights always make auburn hair, with its natural auburn tones, steal the show the best. To achieve a more textured, sensual vibe, choose for lighter ends. 

Warm copper accents always let natural auburn tones glow the most, as they do in this instance. To create your flowing hair a more textured, sassy feel and to make your hair appear thicker, add lighter auburn highlights.

#7 Auburn Hair with Black Roots

Auburn Hair
Source: Instagram @constancerobbins

If you want something bold and brilliant or spicy and fiery, there are a ton of different colours you may experiment with. 

Whether or not your hair is naturally curly, thick spirals and red hair color look great together! Long curls are definitely eye-catching, and red auburn with black hue is a terrific option for individuals who want to stay on trend.

#8 Auburn Balayage with Blonde Highlights

Auburn Hair
Source: Instagram @kl.hairartist

The shade of your hair that stands out. Blonde highlights end up creating a captivating look and a jaw-dropping delicacy that is difficult to resist. 

Additionally, while auburn hair already has a brilliant and eye-catching appearance, blonde highlights may really make your hair pop! The red pigments in this shade give your locks more brightness while still looking natural. ideal for the majority of skin tones.

#9 Red Pixie with Blonde Highlights

Auburn Hair
Source: Instagram @martinabmhair

Your appearance can be greatly brightened by mixing delicate blonde highlights into your auburn hair color. This looks great on light and medium complexion tones! So gorgeous! 

Sick of wearing usually a single color in your hair? Support innovative hairstyles by getting your hair colored dark red with blonde highlights. In contrast to fair skin tones and blue or green eyes, the combination of colors of red and blonde appears stunning. Are you willing to test this posh reddish brown shade?

#10 Bright Auburn with Tangerine Highlights

Auburn Hair
Source: Instagram @idolapiazzabovio

If you’ve ended up getting your mind made up upon the auburn hair color, we suggest choosing a vibrant shade. This auburn color would indeed make an impression. When it happens to come to reds, long hair could be tricky as it may make your entire appearance stand out. Ask your stylist to add subtle lowlights to your new color to give it a more classy look.

There are numerous ways you can style this color while also making it attractive for you, whether you’ve been searching for a brand-new auburn hair and highlights style or you’re just applying highlights to your look. Get out and treat yourself to some salon time!

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