Three Straightening Brushes Worth Buying

The morning of every woman begins not with coffee, but with the daily ritual near the mirror. The hairdo is the first item on the to-do list. And this is the most important point because the hairstyle can be used to judge the character of a person, emphasize attractive features and hide weaknesses. It will be great if such a complicated procedure would take quite a bit of time.

This is the aspiration of every woman. And these dreams were embodied by the creators of the best hair straightening brush. Such an innovative device allows you to create a pretty styling, without using unnecessary, expensive tools and devices. And most importantly, the time of using is only a few minutes. Its essence lies in the usual combing of hair, which can straighten them ideally. The owner of curls should forget about keratin straightening now, on which you have to spend a significant part of the salary. Girls will have to worry only about choosing the most suitable model. And it’s necessary to analyze them more detail.

AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush 2

This high-quality brush has a small, but functional size, which allows you to cover most of the hair due to 23 ceramic elements for heating in the form of plates. Also, it helps to maintain a certain temperature constantly. The power consumption is 110 V. Because this device has a ceramic component it can heat up to 365 degrees in just a minute. If the person not used the instrument for 30 minutes, it turned off automatically. This is important for those, who care every second. Do not be afraid of hand burns. The handle of the appliance is made of special DuPont plastic, which protects the skin from contact with the heating device. Straightener has a patented and certified design. So, the principle of creators is the safety of customers. For convenience, there is a display on the outside, which images the adjusted temperature. Also, one of the advantageous functions is a rotation of the wire, which does not allow to getting confused it. For those who, like practicality, the comb is presented in black color, and for others there is red. Estimated price is $38.90. AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush 2 is included in the top of the best products and has a customer rating of 4 with a half the stars.

FemJolie Hair Straightening Brush

This hair straightening brush will help create an unforgettable salon styling. Due to ceramic plates, it is capable of heating from 80 to 230 degrees for the minimum amount of time from 30 seconds to 1 minute. The positive feature is the ability to maintain a double voltage of 110V-240V. 360-degree swivel cord allows using the device at different angles, avoiding twists of the wire. LCD digital screen is a mandatory attribute for visual temperature control. A distinctive characteristic of this appliance is combing surface, which has a negative ion charge for giving radiance to the hair. And also creators of this model took care of customers health by installing silicone heat-resistant tips. The brush performs three functions at the same time: combs, straightens and massages. The advantage of the device is when hairstyling does, the root volume is not lost, which all women dream. Such hairbrush consumers assigned 4 stars.

Apalus Hair Straightening Brush

This accessory is great for home use. The ionization function removes electrostatic electricity, which gives hairstyling disorderly appearance. Due to the specific structure of the combing part, the effect of the massage is created, which makes the procedure even more pleasant. And the release of negatively charged ions makes it possible to moisturize the hair well. This device is harmless to any type of hair because it is capable of heating from 180 to 230 degrees. A distinctive feature is that you can adjust the temperature in both degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit for ease of use. The brush is ready for use in 60 seconds after turning on through the ceramic plates. Power consumption is 110V-240V. Developers of hair straighter take care of safety. That’s why a special coating anti Scald on the handle doesn’t allow it to heat up and harm the skin. If the device is not used for 60 minutes, it turned off automatically. And also a special kind of plug is installed here, which can protect against short circuit. A great bonus is the price of $29.99. The listed characteristics allowed for assigning the product three stars.

Three models of straightening brush are presented, which buyers give their preference most often. They include the maximal amount of customer requests. All factors are taken into account: safety, operability, appearance and functionality. Each of appliances is unique and has a large number of magnificent qualities. Therefore, you just have to listen to your intuition and choose one of these upscale combs.