The History of Hair Balms

The fact that we have to endure our hair daily is beyond description. We wash them in chlorinated water, hastily dry them with a hair dryer, go out without a hat in the cold, do not protect from the scorching sun. Not surprisingly, after such a hair becomes dull and brittle. It is quite difficult to return them strength and shine with a single shampoo, no matter how high-quality it is. This is where hair balsams come to the rescue.

The first hair balms appeared in antiquity: the ancient Roman and ancient Greek beauties rubbed special formulations into the hair to add shine. The basis of these magic bullets were various oils. Since then, the cosmetic industry has taken a step forward: huge concerns are working to improve the means for hair care. The 20th century gave women a surprise in the form of the appearance of washed-off hair balms – things that no woman of the fair sex can do without now.

If the task of the shampoo, first of all, wash off the grease and impurities from the hair, then the balm gives the hair a smooth and well-groomed appearance. Substances included in its composition, “envelop” the hair with a protective film. What components provide the effectiveness of balms? Silicone smoothes the hair, makes it smooth. Oils – nourish and soften hair. Fatty alcohols make combing easy. In addition, the balms include plant extracts, essential oils, proteins, amino acids, and even vitamins and trace elements. Penetrating through the surface of the hair, all these substances restore the damaged structure, eliminate fragility and retain moisture. The result – hair becomes beautiful and shiny.

Choosing Hair Balm

Conditionally hair balsams can be divided into conditioners and conditioners and balms. Rinse removers are designed to remove static electricity – this makes the hair smoother and easier to comb. Such tools are suitable for those who have normal hair without damage. Conditioner balms are designed to solve hair problems: restore damaged, keep the color dyed or restore a healthy look to dry hair.

Hair type is the main thing to consider when choosing a balm conditioner. If you have recently done a perm or like to use styling devices (hair dryer, curling iron, iron), most likely, the structure of your hair is damaged. You need a restoring hair balm. It glues the hair scales, fills micro cracks, prevents fragility.

If your problem is dry hair, pay attention to nourishing balms. They contain a large percentage of vegetable oils (for example, karite oil, jojoba oil, avocado, etc.). Oils soften hair, retain moisture, make curls soft and docile.

Owners of fine hair can recommend a balm, giving volume. It does not weigh down the hair, so the hair looks thicker. The composition of these balms include citrus extracts, herbal infusions. Vitamins and microelements, also contained in conditioners, strengthen thin hair, making it denser.

Finally, to make dyed hair for a long time please you with vibrant and bright color, help balm for colored hair. Emulsifying waxes in the composition of such agents create a protective film around the hair – this keeps the color pigments and gives the hair a natural shine.

There is one immutable rule – it is best to choose a balm and shampoo of the same brand. In this case, the two means will strengthen the action of each other and give the perfect effect.

You should not get involved in the means “2 in 1”, that is, shampoo and balm in one bottle. It is convenient to take such cosmetics with you on short trips, but it is not intended for permanent use. Firstly, the balm in the composition of such a product goes to the roots – as a result, the hair is not washed properly; secondly, insufficient dosage of balm reduces the effectiveness of its effects.

Hair Balms: Use Correctly

Hair balm is applied to wet, slightly pressed hair after using shampoo. It should be applied to the entire length of the hair, except for the roots. Lightly massage the balm into your hair, and after 2-3 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water. With the help of a balm, you can achieve the effect of a hair mask: for this you should hold it longer than usual for 7-10 minutes, then wash off after that.

If you want your hair to please you, be sure to use balms during each shampooing. Just make it a rule, such as brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Your hair will respond to such care with natural shine and health!

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