This annoying problem is more or less familiar to everyone.
Someone’s hair gets static only in winter, and someone has this problem all year round. This natural phenomenon is especially actual in winter, from dry frosty air and friction about synthetic clothing.
The main causes of the appearance of static hair are dryness and synthetics. There are several ways to prevent it.

What to do:

Moisturize your hair

To remove electricity, you can simply sprinkle hair with a spray – with moisturizing and caring or with a special anti-static spray for hair.
Use moisturizing shampoos, balsams, conditioners. There are special products for winter care. Use moisturizing and oil masks, paying special attention to the hair tips. Rinse hair with acidified water after washing (with lemon juice or vinegar).

Use combs made of natural materials

Wooden combs are especially good. Before combing, drip a couple of essential oil drops on the comb. Brushes made of natural materials do not help everyone, but it’s worth trying. And also there are special combs made of antistatic materials (silicone, sandalwood), but first check them in the store, if they suit you. Do not comb your hair as soon as you enter the room from the street.

Use hair dryers or irons with an ionizing function

They help to solve the problem, but it is not necessary to use them regularly. They dry hair even more than usual tools and can enhance the problem.


Be sure to wear a hat or a scarf. Do not wear hats or clothes made of synthetic materials or treat it with antistatic clothing. Before you put on a hat or scarf, drizzle the hair with an anti-static spray. If you wear a hood, put your hair under your clothes.

Humidification of air

In a room where you spend a lot of time, place a humidifier and air ionizer – this is useful not only for hair but also for skin and breathing.

Now you know all the secrets about static hair! Use them correctly!

Static hair: what to do to get rid of it?

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    Thank you for advice! Very useful information!

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    My hair is static all year round. That is a problem!

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