Smooth Hair: Hair Balsam or Conditioner?

In ancient times, people used different hair styling oils.

In the Victorian era, pasta oil was popular, and it was too fat to contain a special substance called anti-macassar.

Modern air conditioners were created on the basis of the 20th century: in 1900, the famous perfumer Edouard Pinod was presented at the World Exhibition in Paris “Brilliantine” to soften hair and beards in men.

More than a hundred years have passed, and the industry has been widely used to develop air conditioners and use silicones, fatty acids and clear ammonium compounds in them, which gives all the advantages of air conditioners without excess fat and weight.

So, What is the Difference Between Hair Balsam and Hair Conditioner?

Balsams and conditioners were invented to neutralize the alkaline effects of shampoos. However, in the “rich” salts, there are metals, chlorine derivatives, various mechanically contaminated substances.

By the way, many cosmetologists advise us about the head of boiled water, but not everyone is ready to spend so much time and effort on home hair care.

Hair conditioner is a way to change their texture and appearance.

In fact, it is a thick liquid that covers the cuticles of hair, smoothes each hair flake, fills damaged areas with a special protective film.

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Of particular value to hair is that the hair was damaged by improper care (for example, due to rough combing or the presence of curls).

At the same time, the more damaged the hair, the more noticeable will be the conditioning effect.

Balsam conditioner is used against tangle of hair and therefore less thick than conditioner.

It is designed to strengthen and give them elasticity, volume and shine, to facilitate combing and styling and to protect from the harmful effects of hot air.

If such a tool contains plant extracts with a large number of trace elements, vitamins and nutrients, then the balm can eliminate severe itching and irritation, actively nourishing and soothing skin cells.

In order to “fill” the damaged part of the hair, where there are no scales.

Thanks to the smoothing of the scales, the hair becomes smoother, silky, elastic and shiny, it is better combed, stacked, less electrified, and also needs to be moisturized and protected from negative influences and other styling devices.

Balsam or Conditioner: What Makes the Hair More Smooth?

Thickeners, preservatives, colorants, flavors, acidity regulators and natural ingredients. Various silicones are used to create the conditioning effect.

Silicone components give a fairly quick effect, especially on very damaged hair. They smooth hair scales, fill voids, create a protective film that adds shine. That is why silicones are often used in the composition of balms for dry hair, exposed to color (discoloration), provided curling.

It must be remembered that the problem lies in the wrong care, but only in masking it. Thus, we could close our eyes and settle for a temporary cosmetic effect.

This common substance with a conditioning effect is protein (protein). The presence of hair conditioner in the balm allows you to restore their shine and elasticity.

The effectiveness of the air conditioner directly depends on the amount of proteins that fill the damaged areas, and forms on it a thin protective film.

They penetrate through the cuticle into the cortical layer, replacing the missing hair with keratin.

As a means for styling, indelible balms and hair conditioners.

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By the way, we have moisturizing hair conditioners that need both moisture and protein “diet.”

Thus, the balsam – rinse and conditioner for solving various hair problems: the first is used to facilitate combing and counteract the harmful effects on hair and leaks, the second is able to restore their shine and elasticity, forming a protective film on the hair.

To get perfectly smooth hair, you need to use both of these tools.

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