12 Short Hairstyles with Highlights

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Looking for hairstyles with highlights? We curated a list of Hairstyles with highlights for you. Check it out!

If you are looking for ways to switch up your style, then what better way to do it than get those perfect highlights! They speak class and look stunning and elegant.

Highlights are absolutely trending these days and you see celebrities like J-Lo, Jenifer Aniston to Kim Kardashian, and Drew Barrymore, all rocking this style. So if they can, why can’t you?

You can easily get these done within just one visit to the hair salon or maybe you can even simply buy the dye and do it yourself, at home.

Hop on the trend today and I’m sure you will have no regrets!               

Highlights V/S Hair Dyeing

A lot of times, the terms highlighting and dyeing are used interchangeably while they are actually different things. Highlighting of the hair refers to the colouring or dyeing of just some strands (portions) of the hair, while dyeing of hair refers to the colouring of all the hair in order to attain a different colour or cover up greys.

What are half head and full head highlights?

Highlights are of two types – full head and half head highlights. Full head highlights are those spread out throughout the hair, while the half head highlights are usually applied only to the top and most visible sections of the hair.

So, whether you have short hair or maybe want to get yourself a nice short haircut, here are the top 12 best hairstyles you can get, with lovely highlights.

Check them out below!

Amazing Short Hairstyles with Highlights

Blonde highlights with Boy Cut hairstyle

Source: Instagram @salonabove

The boy cut hairstyle is something that suits people with a longer face cut and blending this hairstyle with beautiful highlights will match your style perfectly. Blonde highlights go well with brown to darker brown base hair colours.

Source: Instagram @giulianapecorellimkphair

The contrast of blonde with a brown base hair colour will make your cheekbones look more pronounced too.

Top Blonde highlights with Feather Cut hairstyle

Source: Instagram @beauty_by_hanaz

For those of you who like a short crop with absolutely no hair near your neck (because of how irritating it can get), then this style will suit you perfectly. All it requires is a top feather cut hairstyle, with a tapered lower haircut.

Source: Instagram @rude_nana

Then, to complete the hairstyle, you can get a half head highlights style. This hairstyle will suit people with rounder face cuts, with base hair colours ranging in shades of medium brown.

Platinum Blonde highlights with a Buzz Cut hairstyle

Source: Instagram @0obutterflyo0

From Kristen Stewart to Katy Perry, I have seen many female celebrities sporting this style and I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. If you are someone with an oblong or oval face cut, then this hairstyle will suit you the best.

Source: Instagram @mkdhair

The highlights work their way towards the sides of the hair (gradually fading in), while the crown retains traces of the base colour.

Short Wavy Straight Cut with Golden Caramel highlights

Source: Instagram @thehairloftbykrista

The short wavy hairstyle literally suits anyone, in my opinion. It looks pretty and absolutely classy. I really love how elegant and outstanding these golden caramel highlights look on medium brown hair.

The golden caramel highlights make the hair achieve the perfect vibrancy! While the highlights span the exterior of the hair, the inner tuft reflects the base colour.

Source: Instagram @jessicascotthair

Here’s a tip for those with black hair. You can get this hairstyle with darker highlights like dark brown or auburn and I’m sure it will look just as pretty!

A-Line Cut with Honey Blonde highlights

Source: Instagram @mahek_mukadam

From Rihanna, to Selena Gomez to Kourtney Kardashian, I have seen so many celebrities rock this hairstyle and it looks simply gorgeous. So now ladies, it is your turn.

Source: Instagram @remix_hair_studi

Get yourself a beautiful A-Line haircut and then go in for matching highlights to complete the look. This hairstyle suits people with rounder face cuts the best.

Short Shag Cut with Coloured highlights

Source: Instagram @orobert.knecht

I’m a huge fan of this shag haircut. I honestly love how perfectly this “messy” style looks. If you are someone with a longer face cut, this style will suit you the best.

Source: Instagram @jaylenzanelli

To sport the coloured highlights, you will require to have black base coloured hair so that the coloured highlights can stand out perfectly and look more vibrant.

Top highlights with Taper Cut hairstyle

Source: Instagram @baldiesbuzzbar
Source: Instagram @bangsdus

Top highlights suit base hair colours like black and dark brown the best. The taper cut is a funky hairstyle and if you are someone who likes to experiment with styles that stand out from the rest, then this one’s for you! All you need to do is get a taper cut hairstyle and get the half head highlights style.

Feathered Pixie Cut with highlights

Source: Instagram @hairstylesbycmillah

The feather haircut is a cut that looks good on hair that is long or short. But what brings out the essence of the feather cut is blending it in with the pixie hairstyle.

Source: Instagram @hair_designs_by_kb

This hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles to get if you want your highlights to stand out perfectly. All you need is to get highlights to go with your medium to chocolate brown base hair colour.

Straight Cut with Brownish Blonde highlights

Source: Instagram @yuki.misssnow

The straight cut is one of the most common hairstyles, but still looks classy and elegant. This hairstyle suits people with any face cut and will look perfect to go with any outfit that you wear.

Source: Instagram @lescoifferiesdannie

If you have a medium to light brown base hair colour, blonde highlights will suit you perfectly.

Bowl Cut with Blue Highlights

Source: Instagram @gracefilled_hands

The bowl cut is now back in fashion. If you have a rounder face cut, then this hairstyle will look good on you.

Source: Instagram @simonwebsterhair

This hairstyle falls perfectly over your forehead and goes all the way evenly to the back of your head, while tapering the bottom hair. Make sure to get highlights that match your base hair colour.

Short Curls with highlights

Source: Instagram @diandraromerao

I really love how some people have the perfect curls. Just imagine you are one of them and what better way to define your curls by getting highlights on them.

Source: Instagram @thegirlwiththecurls_

If you are someone with darker hair, then get lighter highlights, while if you have lighter base hair, then get darker highlights to match your base hair colour.

Mohawk with highlights hairstyle

Source: Instagram @hairbysammyhawkins

This style will forever remain one of the most unique and funkiest hairstyles out there. If you wish to stand out in a crowd, get this hairstyle and I’m sure you will have eyes turning in your direction!

Source: Instagram @motherofvenus111

All you need is a good mohawk hairstyle on your dark base coloured hair and get your tips highlighted with a lighter shade of brown or red to complete the look.

Short Hairstyles with Highlights: FAQs

Are streaks different from highlights?

While many people think that highlights and streaks are the same things, they aren’t the same but can be considered similar.

Highlights are very scattered, sleek and applied to only a few strands of the hair. Streaks are also scattered but are applied in a bolder manner where slightly bigger sections of the hair is dyed.

Highlights are usually colours used that are closer to and match the person’s existing base colour. Streaks are colours that stand in contrast to the base colour.

Do you require to bleach your hair for highlights?

Whether you require to use bleach or not depends on the shade you want to get. If you use a developer with more volume, then you can get your highlights without having to use any bleach.

Can the hair be highlighted naturally at home?

A lot of people often try to bleach their hair at home, using natural ingredients like cinnamon and honey, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda etc. These ingredients could slightly lighten the hair while also preventing much damage.

Do you require any hair prep before getting highlights?

To get the best effects of your highlights and to get the colour to lift off easily, it is better to get it done on hair that is washed the night before and is clean.

You can also use a clarifying shampoo (with a deep conditioning treatment after) to get the dirt off all the dirt and product buildup so that the colour gets evenly applied.

What is the purpose of using foil for hair highlights?

Since highlights are targeted towards a few strands of hair, the foil is used so that the lightener or the dye doesn’t touch or affect the surrounding. Using the foil will allow heat to retain within the foil letting the colour lift off easily and will also give you more and better control over the area of application.

Why don’t some highlights look natural?

As I mentioned earlier, highlights are usually shades that are relatively closer to and match the person’s current base hair colour. So if your highlights are too many tones darker or lighter, they will not look very natural.

The Final Takeaway

Well, these were just some of the many hairstyles with highlights that you could get and there are so many more hairstyles out there that you can incorporate into your style and just experiment with it.

But remember that for your highlights to look perfect and natural you need to consider your skin tone and also the existing base colour of your hair.  Make sure to get highlights only two to three levels lighter or darker than your base colour.

Also, remember to prep your hair the night before, so that you have the smoothest experience possible with no regrets!

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