Peeling the head skin at home

Peeling is an essential component of skin care. This procedure is especially beneficial for oily scalp, that is prone to the formation of dandruff. To do this, there are special gel-peels and shampoos for deep cleaning of the scalp and salon procedures with unique components. We will share home hair products for skin peeling with you below.

Sea salt peeling

The undisputed champion among products for peeling, as well as my favorite remedy – is sea salt. Use medium or fine ground salt. It should be massaged into the scalp for a few minutes, and then covered with the plastic wrap for another half an hour. You can apply salt to both dry and wet hair if you want. You can mix the salt with kefir, yogurt, vegetable oil, or even with essential oil. In half an hour you should merely wash off the salt with shampoo, and then apply any mask to increase the effect. Do this peeling once a week, and if the scalp is fat – twice a week.


Rye bread peeling

This is rather popular and long-established hair mask – just bring the water to the boil and plunge rye bread in for several hours. But if you first massage your scalp with rye bread, it will also be served as a wonderful peeling product. Moreover, this mask can be washed off without using shampoo, because the bread absorbs the dirt and cleans the scalp! It is three in one product – a peeling, a mask, and shampoo.


Oil Peeling

Mint, lavender, jojoba and tea tree oils have peeling properties. Castor oil also works as a peeling. As usual, massage warm castor oil into the scalp, then leave it for an hour as a mask. In the same way, some ordinary home masks have the effect of light peeling – for example, onion masks and masks made of egg yolk.

A peeling is a guarantee for hair beauty. Do it regularly and have a great hair!


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