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Kristen T


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Kristen is a Cedar Rapids native. She discovered her love for hair shortly after she started working at a salon during high school. She graduated from Capri college in 2003. Her journey continued as she opened Hair Madness Salon in 2005.  She advanced her education through Surface classes and has became a Surface certified stylist.

Kristen specializes in colors and cuts. She believes in not just giving world class, consistent service but also creating and providing each guest with what they need to recreate their look at home by exclusively using Surface products.

Monica D

Co-owner/ Master Stylist
Monica‘s love for hair began at an early age cutting her dolls hair and sometimes her own too. Her passion has continued to grow through education and experience. She was a small-time girl from Huston. After High school she graduated from college and continued her career with Hair Madness Salon by attending advanced training classes in cutting, coloring, and styling.

While mastering her craft she has also became certified in Keratin Complex and hair extensions. She is excited to work with innovative techniques and keeping up with the trends. She strives to use only the best products for her clients. Monica is known for her attention to detail and her client’s needs, personalizing to each one’s own individual style.

Kristie P

Krisite is a Capri College Graduate. She has been a hairstylist for 14 years, she has been at Hair Madness Salon for 9 years. She specializes in colors. She loves keeping up with new techniques and fun colors.  Krisite enjoys spending time with her husband, dog and family. She likes to bicycle in her free time. Kristie looks forward to seeing you in her chair!

Becky H

Becky grew up as a farm girl in Walford. Her passion for hair started as a young girl “playing” with her mom and sisters’ hair. She dreamed of being a hairstylist.

She graduated from Stewarts School of Hairstyling in Davenport. Her first hairstylist job was a salon on the southeast side of Cedar Rapids which she stayed at  for about 9 months. She decided to move back to Davenport to work at Stewarts salon, but after 3 months in Davenport, at the ripe old age of 19, they asked her if she would move back to Cedar Rapids to be the manager of the first Stewarts salon the company opened up here.

Becky was the manager of that salon for 5 years. After having her first daughter, she gave up her manager position but stayed on as an assistant manager for an additional 3 1/2 years before deciding to become an independent contractor.

She has gained many wonderful clients and has had many fabulous experiences as a hairstylist. Becky and her husband have been married for 41 years. They enjoy traveling as well as gardening and cooking projects.  Classes have always been a very important part of her career. She has never attended classes JUST to fulfill her state license requirement,  as education is an integral part of this profession.  She attends as many classes as she can to stay on point in this profession.

Becky’s all time favorite mentor, Wayne Grund, is who introduced her to a safer hair product line, Surface, which she retails and uses exclusively on all of her guests.  She loves doing colors, scissor and razor cutting and pampering all of her guests with some of the highest quality products in the industry.  Hairdressing isn’t just a job for her it’s her passion.

Lacy M

Lacy grew up in Fayette, Iowa. In her free time she likes to bake and try new recipes. She graduated from Capri College in 2003. She has been at Hair Madness Salon for almost 4 years. Lacy enjoys doing a variety of services including haircuts, waxing, highlights and balayage. She keeps up with the latest trends by going to advanced classes and watching educational videos for new techniques. She loves making people feel beautiful and good about themselves while in her chair.

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