Many of us scourge the internet to find natural shampoos and conditioners only to find links to herbal products that people are selling instead of home-made products that everyone can use. Sometimes chemical products can leave your scalp completely dry and irritated. We have prepared a comprehensive guide to enabling you to condition your hair with natural ingredients right at home. The most important thing about using a Natural Hair Conditioner is the use of pH balanced ingredients. Finding the perfect pH-balanced conditioner that you can make at home is the path to success to natural hair care.

Hair Care is Personal

Let us start off saying that in the quest to create the perfect natural shampoo you should understand that hair care is completely personal. What works for you might not work for anyone else on the planet, which is why we will guide you to experiment and find the perfect mix of ingredients for yourself instead of providing recipes that are not guaranteed to work. When you are successful, it will be the only conditioner you will ever use in your life!

No Poo Conditioner

If you are familiar with hair care, you must have heard the term ‘no poo’. ‘No poo’ basically means – no shampoo! It is a term used for the practice of using baking soda to wash your hair instead of chemical based shampoos. This is the first trial you have to undertake; baking soda is perfect for many people while it’s harsh for others. It is a very effective way to clean your hair, but it is not in line with the scalp’s pH balance. Always use baking soda in small amounts to ensure your scalp doesn’t become too dry. Follow up the baking soda wash with apple cider or vinegar to rinse your hair for perfect conditioning.

Naturally Condition Greasy Hair

Using apple cider rinse is the number one way of creating the perfectly balanced pH-balanced conditioner. One of the key elements while conditioning your hair is to detox. Commercial shampoos damage your hair because of the use of harsh chemicals. The hair needs to produce more oil every time you barrage your scalp with more and more chemical based products. This leads to the hair being greasy due to the excess oil produced. If you shampoo your oil daily, you need to stop right now! You need to let your scalp re-balance the oil in your scalp instead of washing your hair every day with shampoo. You will, however, experience an increase in oiliness until your scalp balances itself. The process requires anything between two to nine weeks. You should shampoo your hair only twice a week during this period.

If you want a Natural Hair Conditioner to be effective, ensure the water you are using is not hard water. A lot of people use the best quality natural products but end up with the same results because of hard water. Hard water can be extremely harsh on the scalp. A simple filter on your scalp can make a whole lot of difference. Shower filters completely soften the water and block harsh minerals found in hard water from damaging your hair.

How to Condition

Finally,we come to the recipe for the natural hair conditioner. It’s always great to show some love to your scalp. Do remember that this recipe may be tweaked to your liking according to your scalp type. All it takes is a simple apple cider rinse (2 tbsp) and some filtered water. Mix them together and let it hold for half a minute before applying it on your hair. You have to tweak the amount of apple cider rinse depending on the length of your hair. Let the conditioner sit on your hair for a minute and then add some vinegar before washing it off. It is a natural hair conditioner that works for most types of hair and can easily solve all the problems that you are facing due to chemical-based conditioners.

Natural Hair Conditioner

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