Low Fade Vs Mid Fade Vs High Fade

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One thing we must know about fade haircuts is that they’ve been in trend since the 1980s and they’re still very trendy right now.

Thanks to the golden age of hip-hop culture, we have a great variety of fade haircuts right now that men can implement to their list of favorite haircuts. 

Although several men have followed the fade haircut trend throughout the years, these haircuts are still stigmatized as people deem them informal hairstyles. However, faded haircuts are mostly followed by military personnel as well.

Since there are a plethora of fade haircuts, we’ve decided to break down the differences between a low fade, mid fade, and high fade hairstyles and which would suit you based on your face shape, hair texture, and where such hairstyles can be appropriate.

Low Fade Vs Mid Fade Vs High Fade

Fade Hairstyles

Let’s begin by familiarizing ourselves with fade hairstyles. For those who don’t know, a fade hairstyle is a type of haircut that doesn’t provide an equal length haircut which means the sides of your hair are trimmed short or shaved off and the hair at the top is long or unchanged.

Low Fade Vs Mid Fade Vs High Fade
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The fade hairstyle is usually performed by hair trimmers or clippers which make it convenient for the barber to style a fade haircut at the customer’s request.

The reason why this hairstyle is called a faded hairstyle is that the hair is trimmed very fine until the skin is visible which makes the overall hairstyle have a faded appearance. 

Just like any other hairstyle, there are multiple versions of the faded hairstyles you can try to look super stylish. 

Taper Fade Hairstyles

The taper fade hairstyle is a haircut that only requires minimal trimming hence the hairstyle only has a bit of fading. For a taper fade haircut, the barber finely trims the hair in your sideburns and above your neck. 

Source: Instagram @yeuribarber

Meanwhile, the hair on the top is cut in lengths according to the requests of customers hence they are either cut short or left unchanged.

If you’re someone who hasn’t tried a fade haircut then it’s best for you to get a taper fade because it’d help you decide if it looks good on you and how you feel about the entire hairstyle.

mid high fade
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Besides, taper fade is one of the reliable hairstyles for most men and hence suits most face shapes and sizes. 

Low Fade Hairstyles

A lower fade hairstyle is a similar version of a taper fade hairstyle and is an ideal hairstyle for beginners. In a lower fade hairstyle, the barber trims your hair right above your ears hence there’s only minimal fading.

mid drop fade
Source: Instagram @salonlito

Any lower fade hairstyles are usually styled using clippers which make your hairstyle look crisp and shiny. 

It’s also one of the versatile hairstyles which help you choose the length of your hair and how you want your hair to look after the fading is done.

Hence, low fade hairstyles don’t change your hairstyle rapidly and you can try any low faded haircut if you’re going to school or work.

low fade vs mid fade
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Lower fade hairstyles usually align well with short hair as they make you look classy and sophisticated. Some of the popular lower fade hairstyles are:

Low Fade Faux Mohawk

A faux mohawk features faded short sides and medium-length hair from front to the back. The hair on top is styled as a short mohawk that makes you look cool and professional at the same time.

mid high fade
Source: Instagram @wolf_geass

If you have a short beard then you can also opt to fade it which subtly completes the entire hairstyle.

Low Fade Short Haircut

A short haircut pairs well with a low fade style. If you don’t want a dramatic fade then you can try this low faded short haircut. The fade is kept slightly above the ear and it goes above the neck and the sideburns as well.

low fade vs mid fade vs high fade
Source: Instagram @patchthebarbur

This is a perfect haircut for a wedding or official purposes. A medium-length beard goes very well with a low faded short haircut.

Messy Hair Low Fade

If you love experimenting on your hair then you can go for a low fade with messy hair. The top of your hair is kept long and the front strands are much longer than the strands at the back.

low fade vs high fade vs mid fade
Source: Instagram @pclarkbarbering

This is done to ensure your hair looks messy and the fading goes right below your ears and the sideburns. You can comb the top of your hair to the side or make it stay upright.

Medium Fade Hairstyles

A medium fade is usually referred to as a mid fade and as the name suggests the fading is done at a medium length, generally starting from the middle of your head. Compared to a low fade, a mid fade hairstyle is cut slightly above.

A mid fade looks good on men who have medium length or long hair and there are several versions of mid fade hairstyles men can try to look punky and epic.

low fade vs high fade vs mid fade
Source: Instagram @barberlab_shave.relax

These hairstyles are ideal for men who have short heads because a mid fade can make your head look long. If you’ve decided to experiment on your hair then mid fade is a great start. 

Some types of mid fade hairstyles are: 

Mid-Low Fade With Razor Fade

This is one of the famous haircuts followed by men. The mid fade begins right above the sides of your eyes and goes all the way back to your neck.

mid skin fade
Source: Instagram @brixway

The faded transitions look subtle and the top of your hair is combed over. This hairstyle can also be paired with a razor fade which adds amazing detail to the overall hairstyle.

Mid Skin Faux Hawk Fade

This is a rebellious hairstyle that’s loved by teenagers and it also makes you look very hot.

The skin fade is a style that shows minimal hair and maximum skin hence the hair on your sides is trimmed very short. The hair at the top is styled into a faux mohawk which makes your hair stand upright.

Curly Hair Mid Fade

If you’ve got curly hair that’s difficult to maintain then you can opt for a mid fade. This keeps your hair at the top curly and long while the sides are trimmed and faded.

low fade vs taper fade
Source: Instagram @mr.e_blends

The fading can also be done slightly on your beard to add more detail. You can effortlessly style your curly hair by either combing or leaving it as it is with this mid-fade hairstyle.

High Fade Hairstyles

As we can assume, a high fade hairstyle is a hairstyle where the fading begins on the very top of the head.

It’s definitely a stylish hairstyle that most men aspire to try and there are several versions of a high fade hairstyle. If you love to be experimental with your hair then you’d love to get a high fade hairstyle.

low fade vs high fade vs mid fade
Source: Instagram @aryan._.marabi

While the sides, back of your head, and the sideburns are faded, there’s a chunk of your hair that’ll remain on top and you can style it the way you want.

Either wavy, curly, thick, or fine hair, a high fade hairstyle can enhance the texture of your hair while making you look sleek and sexy.

Some exotic high fade hairstyles you can try are:

High Fade Man Bun

If you’re someone with long hair and don’t want to cut them short you can try the high fade man bun.

mid fade
Source: Instagram @t_fadezz

This works by keeping the top of your hair long while the sides of your head are completely shaved off, making them look faded.

You can either opt to leave the hair on top loose but styling them into a man bun is what makes you look outstanding. 

High Fade Pompadour

A pompadour haircut brings out the masculinity of men and is hands down one of the best hairstyles most men should try out. If you’ve got thick hair then a pompadour works just fine.

low fade vs mid fade vs high fade
Source: Instagram @suprmldr

The hair on the sides and back of your head is faded and the thick chunky hair is left at the top which you can style by combing to the side. A well-groomed beard with a high fade pompadour is just what you need to draw all the attention.

High Fade Crew Cut

If you’re someone who likes to keep things minimal then you can get the high fade crew cut. Most of the hair around your crown, sides and the back is faded while the hair on the top is slightly trimmed.

what is the difference between a mid fade and a low fade
Source: Instagram @stylesnmore

This is a perfect hairstyle for the summer season as you can avoid irritation and excessive sweating on your head and neck. 

Low Fade Vs Mid Fade Vs High Fade: FAQs

What is the difference between a low mid and high fade?

A fade hairstyle is when the hair at the sides of your head is trimmed short or completely shaved off whereas the hair on the top is kept long and styled differently.

A low fade hairstyle refers to the trimming or fading of hair starting from the bottom of your head while a mid fade hairstyle refers to fading your hair slightly above your ears whereas a high fade goes way above the length of your eye level.

What is a high fade and a low fade?

A high fade hairstyle refers to the trimming of your hair from the top sides while only leaving a chunk of the hair at the very top.

It’s a dramatic and experimental hairstyle for most men. Whereas a low fade is a hairstyle where the fading is done at the bottom of your head, generally between the ear level.

It’s a minimal hairstyle compared to the high fade and is ideal for official occasions.

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