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Everything About Getting The Jay Jo Windbreaker Haircut

If you are a true anime lover, you are already familiar with Jay Jo and his well-known hairstyle.

In addition to the fact that he is the object of adoration for women everywhere, men also copy his distinctive hairdo. When it comes to him and his hair, there is just something so alluring that it is impossible to resist!

So what is the name of Jay Jo’s haircut? How do you cut hair like Jay Jo? What are the costs and a step-by-step guide to having a jay jo haircut? Don’t worry; everything is explained below if you’re curious about Jay Jo and want to learn more about his haircut.

Jay Jo Haircut
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Who Is Jay Jo?

The lead in the wildly successful South Korean anime film “Wind Breaker” is Jay Jo. The author and illustrator of this South Korean Manhwa series are Yongseok Jo.

The main idea and attention are on Jay, a 16-year-old high school student who enjoys riding a bike. He is a straight-A student with a nice demeanor and a lovely sense of style. Jay frequently sports a red blazer, white shirt, and dark pants.

South Korea is the location of the show. There are just three seasons, all of which are interesting to watch.

The rationale for Jay Jo’s haircut
After the contest, Jay attempted to completely shave his head in order to keep a promise he made to Owen Knight. Shelly gave up on his attempts to commit to being bald, which led to the mullet with an undercut that is his present hairstyle.

What Type Of Haircut Does Jay Jo Have? What is it called?

Jay Jo Hairstyle
Jay Jo’s haircut in real life

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Jay Jo almost always has a sharp mullet in the Web cartoon Windbreaker. His hair is in the medium-length range, and there is a lot more hair on the top of his head.

The majority of Korean actors and movie characters have absolutely straight hair from front to back, yet his hair has some waves and volume. Given how uncommon the mullet hairdo is in anime, Jay stands out even more.

Jay’s hairdo was so well-liked by people of all ages that it earned the nicknames “Mullet Haircut” and “The Jerry Curl Cut.”

The 1980s saw the rise in popularity of the original mullet, which is typically worn by rock or metal bands. During this time, it was increasingly prevalent among young people who wished to revolt.

Many people eventually viewed the mullet hair cut as a craze from the past as fashion trends moved away from that look. This style was revived as a result of Jay Jo’s mullet hairstyle.

How To Get A Jay Jo Mullet Haircut?

It’s crucial to locate a hairstylist with experience in hair cutting. Choose a professional who is knowledgeable in mullets, volume, and men’s hairstyles.

You can decide whether you want your hair short in the back or short at the top. Aiming for asymmetry and having one part longer than the other is the sole important aspect. When done correctly, you’ll get a layered appearance.

For a finished appearance, go for a buzzcut or shaved sides.

Jay Jo Haircut

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Steps on Getting Jay Jo Haircut

Jay Jo Mullet Haircut is a hairstyle that will make you look like a total boss. It is a very simple haircut that you can do yourself in minutes. Here’s how to get the Jay Jo Mullet haircut:

Most Recommended Jay Jo Haircut

Grow Your Hair

The bare least you need to accomplish before copying this haircut is to grow your hair out. Before considering this appearance, make sure your hair is at least 5 or 6 inches long. Given that this is a medium length hairstyle, you should grow it out at least an inch past the starting length so that the hairstylist has room to work with if something goes wrong.

Remove the Sides of your Hair

Shave off the sides of your hair so that they are as close to your head as possible without actually touching it. You may want to use a pair of electric clippers for this step in order to get an even cut.

Make adjustments to the length

In order to make a Jay Jo Mullet haircut, you will need to make some adjustments to the length. First, you will want to determine how long your hair is and then cut it down by about five to eight inches. After this, you can begin styling it as desired.

Razor Free Form Technique

Free Form Razor Technique is a technique that uses a razor to cut hair. The technique consists of using a comb to divide the hair into sections, then using the razor to separate the sections, cut them, and blend them together. The bangs will look cool yet natural using a free form razor method. Additionally, it will produce unkempt layers, which will enhance the look of the haircut. The unevenness of Jay Jo’s hairdo makes it easier for you to replicate the style by using this method.

Apply some Mousse

After getting the desired haircut, finish the appearance by applying a style of mousse. An oil-based treatment will make your hair look polished while rehydrating the ends of the hair, in contrast to a water-based hair product, which will give your hair a mild sheen.

Who Can Wear the Jay Jo Haircut?

When it comes to sporting, obtaining, or styling a Jay Jo hairstyle, there are no rules. After all, the mullet is a style that is unlikely to ever go out of style. You should give it a go as long as you can manage the maintenance and upkeep.

PS: Mullets need to be clipped every 3-5 weeks in order to look good, plus they are a little messy.

Jay Jo Haircut style
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Why Do Women Love the Jay Jo Haircut So Much?

The moment they saw it on one of their favorite anime characters, women were smitten with this appearance. The fact is, younger men can do it with ease.

Once styled and cut, it gives off the impression of a younger, more carefree man, frequently giving the impression that you put a lot of work into your appearance. These cuts are associated with guys who love to take care of themselves and their looks, as well as with those who are sensual.

Jay Jo Haircut Tutorial: How To Copy This Celebrity’s Hairstyle Step By Step

Step 1: Make sure your hair is at least chin length and preferably below your ears. Just focus on volume, regardless of the color of your hair.

Step 2: After it has fully grown, cut it into layers. Your barber will trim your sides while leaving your top long and full.

Step 3: Aim for unkempt straight bangs and suggest they leave a little extra hair at the front if you want a longer mullet (this is the exact look that Jay Jo has).

Step 4: To mimic his hairstyle, think about dying your hair a deep black hue. If not, you can keep it that way and be the color you normally are.

Step 5: You can achieve the same style with just a small amount of hair pomade. Swipe the product through your hair to add volume, create wispy, voluminous bangs, and give your mullet durability for extended wear.

Is The Jay Jo Haircut Pricey? How much does the Jay Jo haircut cost?

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your next hair visit. You’ll be OK as long as you schedule an appointment with a reputable barber or hairstylist. Make sure you have between $50 and $100 on hand for this kind of appearance.

PS: It’s also crucial to have hair that is on the longer side so that your hairdresser can quickly and easily achieve the appearance you want.

Jay Jo Haircut is this
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One of the most well-known hairstyles among celebrities and one that has appeared in many films is Jay Jo’s mullet haircut. Jay from the web animated series Wind Breaker about young bike racers is credited with popularizing the haircut.

As long as they are dedicated to maintaining the hair care routine, the majority of people may acquire this appearance at their neighborhood salon or stylist for a reasonable price. Others may need some time to adjust, but once they do, there won’t be any excuse for you not to proudly wear your new look!

In conclusion, don’t be confused if you’re still unsure about this hairstyle. Jay Jo has a perfect hairstyle that matches his faultless demeanor. It is just the right amount of texture and volume, strong enough to make any wearer the center of attention.

One of the many positive effects you’ll experience from wearing this haircut is that it will help you look younger in addition to defining your cheekbones and tightening your jawline.


When it comes to the art and science of hair cutting, everyone wants to get it right—the client, stylist or barber, and even the hair itself. In order to accomplish this, it takes collaboration between client and stylist/barber to achieve a hairstyle that falls into one of two categories: flattering or not.

Facial features, facial shape, and lifestyle come together to create a workable canvas for the haircut. A flattering haircut is one that works with a client’s facial features and lifestyle—and in the end creates the desired results.

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