Jamie Lee Curtis Haircut

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If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s not only stylish, but also flattering, look no further than Jamie Lee Curtis haircut.

Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the most recognizable actresses in Hollywood. As a result, she’s a standard-bearer for women everywhere who want to look like they could step onto the red carpet at any moment—without having to hire an entire team of stylists.

Jamie Lee Curtis haircut makes it easy for you to get that same polished look at home: with minimal effort and no special skills. All you need is a pair of scissors and some clips!

Once you’ve got the style down pat, you’ll be able to recreate it over and over again throughout your whole life—no matter what else happens in your life or career. You’ll always have this one style that will never go out of style.

And because we believe in making your time spent on these things as easy as possible, we’ve created an online guide that will walk you through every step of recreating this iconic hairstyle yourself! 

Who is Jamie Lee Curtis?

Jaime Lee Curtis Haircut 2021
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Jamie Lee Curtis is an American actress who was born on November 22, 1958. She started her acting career at the age of 12, when she appeared in a Broadway production of The Owl and the Pussycat.

Curtis has enjoyed a successful career in both film and television since then, with notable roles in films such as Trading Places and A Fish Called Wanda. However, her most famous role is undoubtedly that of Laurie Strode in the Halloween series.

In addition to her work on camera, Curtis is also a philanthropist and activist for causes like human rights and women’s issues. In 2004, she founded the non-profit organization Every Mother Counts to raise awareness about maternal health issues around the world.

Jamie Lee Curtis Haircut Name

Best Jamie Lee Curtis Haircut 2022
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The razor-cut, multi-layered pixie-cut was named after actress Jamie Lee Curtis. The haircut has been popular since 2016, and is still trending today. In fact, many celebrities have sported this look recently.

A razor-cut is a hairstyle that features layers that are cut at different lengths. It can be any length you want, but it’s most commonly seen between 3 and 6 inches in length. The hair on the sides of your head will be layered in such a way that they fall over your ears, while the top layer will be cut at an angle to give you volume at the crown of your head.

Best Jamie Lee Curtis Haircut
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When it comes to styling, this look can be worn with straight or curly hair. To achieve this hairstyle, you’ll want to blowdry your hair using a medium round brush before applying heat protectant spray on it and using a flat iron to straighten out each layer individually until they’re dry enough for you to hold them up with clips while blow drying them again—this time around the entire head rather than just one side at a time so that all sides are smoothed out evenly.

Jamie Lee Curtis Famous Haircut

Famous Jamie Lee Curtis Haircut
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Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. She’s known for her roles in movies and television, but what you might not know is that Jamie Lee Curtis is also a model for her hair.

Jamie Lee Curtis has worn many other hairstyles over the years—you may remember her famous ponytail from Halloween (1978), or perhaps you’ve seen some of her more recent looks at award shows—but it’s this classic pixie-cut that we think best defines her as an actress, mother, wife and all around style icon.

One of her most iconic looks is her short pixie haircut she wore in the 1980s. This haircut was perfect for her face shape and made her look younger than ever! The haircut was very popular at the time because it was easy to style and maintain.

Jamie Lee Curtis Multi-layered Pixie-Cut

Jamie Lee Curtis Haircut 2022
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Jamie Lee Curtis’ pixie cut is a multi-layered look that’s sharp and sophisticated. The layers are soft, but not too long; they’re just right for the look. The cut is also asymmetrical, with one side of Jamie Lee’s hair longer than the other. This adds a little bit of interest to an otherwise very simple style.

Her latest look gives her hair tons of volume and texture. The style looks great on her because it suits her face shape: it’s short enough to keep some length off of her jawline and cheekbones, but not so short that it looks unkempt or unprofessional.

Most Popular Jamie Lee Curtis Haircut
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Jamie Lee Curtis’ pixie has a lot of volume at the top, which makes it easier to style with different kinds of products and tools. It also helps to give her hair some body and keep it from falling flat throughout the day.

Steps in Getting Jamie Lee Curtis Haircut

Most Recommended Jamie Lee Curtis Haircut
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If the hair is long enough, divide it into seven sections using the traditional parting technique, leaving a half-inch down each side. Cut a guide length at the front of the fringe region, then cut the fringe as desired using a curved line that extends outward from the center to the sides. With a guide cut, begin at the back’s middle and move outward from there.

Next, to create the cut’s body, cutting lines should be vertical and slant away from the scalp. The crown and top of the head will have the larger lengths in this trim. The remainder of the hair is styled in a contoured manner. 

Instead of cutting the hair into a squared-off sideburn for the majority of women, you should shape it into a wedge that bends downward from the top of the ear.This will cause the style to have a little flip and play, depending on the texture of the hair. 

Top Jamie Lee Curtis Haircut
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Once the sides and back have been covered, layer the top by working your way around the top of the head and through the crown area. Here, a dome-shaped top of the head is intended to add rounded volume at the top of the style.

Finally, use the point-cutting technique to create a base cut. The “points” should be roughly one-half inch deep and one-quarter inch wide (measuring from the ends of the longest lengths) This will give the style a little more visual interest, and can be improved by using a styling gel or pomade for added grip.


Getting a Jamie Lee Curtis haircut is a necessity for any woman who wants to be a successful businesswoman. It’s not just about how your hair looks, either—it’s about how you feel. Do you want to be the type of person who takes risks and has fun? Do you want to be the type of person who can do anything she puts her mind to? If so, then get yourself a Jamie Lee Curtis haircut!

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