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Ja Morant’s hair has attracted attention on social media independent of his athletic prowess, which unintentionally made him the center of attention for this distinctive style. He has alternated between sporting an afro, twists, and his present dreadlock haircut.

Ja Morant is living proof that dreadlocks, one of the more common hairstyles in black culture, are becoming more and more popular among professional sportsmen.

Ja Morant
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We’re going to examine Ja Morant’s haircut in this piece. Ja Morant, a well-known Grizzli player, sports a highly fashionable and unique hairdo that a lot of people these days aspire to imitate. The phrase “free form dreadlocks” describes his hairdo.

Who is Ja Morant?

Temetrius Jamel, also known as “Ja” Morant, 22, has played basketball professionally since he was 18 years old. Ja presently competes for the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies.

During his first year of college, he left school to play basketball professionally, winning game MVP honors multiple times. In his sophomore year, Ja finally made his way into the NBA.

He was recognized as the NBA Rookie of the Year in 2020.

Ja Morant hair
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Morant will make his debut as a starter in an All-Star game beginning with the 2022 NBA season. His wins for OVC Player of the Year, OVC Tournament MVP, Lute Olson Award, and Bob Cousy Award in 2019 are among his best accomplishments to date.

In 2020, Morant and his ex-girlfriend had their daughter Kaari Jaidyn Morant before calling it quits and moving apart.

Ja Morant haircut
Source: Instagram (@jamorant)

We’ll discuss what makes his hairdo unique, explain why everyone should think about having a similar look, and even demonstrate how to do it yourself!

Ja Morant Hair in Afro (2019)

Ja Morant is a fresh face on the court in 2019! We observed him sporting a taper fade and an afro at this time.

His capacity to fully alter his appearance was the best part about his taper. He always had a taper fade to complete the appearance, regardless of whether his fro was untidy or styled.

Ja’s hairdo evolved significantly throughout time, but it all began with the big afro. Soon after, he started to twist his hair, which served as the starting point for his dreads.

Source: Instagram (@jamorant)

He swiftly changed from styling his hair in the afro taper fade to twists after doing so. The twists were a superb protective style in addition to giving the player at the time a unique appearance. This would serve as the ideal lead-in to the development of his dreadlocks.

Source: Instagram (@jamorant)

Ja Morant Dreads

Ja Morant currently has traditional dreadlocks in her hair. His dreads feature the front few locs coloured in blue and pink, as we previously said, which not only makes him stand out on the court when most athletes wear buzz cuts.

“Free form dreads” is the common name for Morant’s hairdo. Anyone with or desiring Afro locks will look stunning in this hairstyle. The hair shouldn’t be too lengthy in terms of length.

Ja Morant dreads
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While it might seem like hairstyles are the norm in the NBA now, this was not always the case.

When Allen Iverson wore his infamous cornrows during the 2001 All-Star game, history was made.

We have many players, like James Harden and Ja, who have hairstyles on the court that can be traced back to Allen Iverson’s impact. He can be credited for any players you see with twists, braids, or dreadlocks.

Because some of Ja Morant’s dreads are colored differently, they are incredibly well-liked and attract a lot of attention.

Ja Morant haircut
Source: Instagram (@jamorant)

However, Ja was sporting a ponytail during a game in the 2020 campaign, which on him, genuinely looked ludicrous. His supporters cracked many jokes in response to it.

Ja even mentioned this hairdo, confessing that he had to put it up since he misplaced a few bobby pins in the middle of the game.

Steps on Making Ja Morant Hairstyle

Ja Morant Hairstyle is a hairstyle trend that’s been gaining popularity lately. The look consists of medium-length hair with a fade and a side part, and the most important thing is to make sure your hair is blow-dried straight, with some volume at the top.

Best Ja Morant Hairstyle
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Don’t be afraid to hack away at your hair with scissors. You can use them to cut off any parts of the hair that don’t want to lock up, or even just trim the ends if they’re getting too long. The more you can work with your natural texture and avoid forcing things where they don’t want to go, the better! (But if you do want a little help, try using some wax or mousse on the ends of your hair before creating your locks.)

Best Ja Morant Hairstyle 2022
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Start slowly. Begin by separating a small section of hair from the rest; then take one lock from this section and twist it around until it’s tight against itself. Repeat this process until all of your loose hairs have been incorporated into a single braid-like structure (or two braids if you’re trying for two-tone dreads). Then continue working on other sections until you’ve covered everything below your ears in locks!

Ja Morant Hairstyle 2021
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Use rubber bands to hold everything together while you sleep at night—this will ensure that each individual lock sta

How to make this hairstyle?

Ja dyed the parts in the front of Morant’s dreadlocks, making them distinct from Lil Wayne’s and giving them a very fashionable and unique look.

People with Afro curls have a lot of styling options, including dreads. To create the dreads, hair is braided or tied in knots with a specific large needle.

It’s crucial to remember that before the dreading process, the hair must be totally dry.

Ja Morant hairstyle
Source: Instagram (@jamorant)

In Ja’s instance, he let his twists organically grow into dreadlocks. He didn’t do anything about the twists already in his head; he just allowed them to mat and grow dreads.

There are preferences in the dreadlock world, however for beginner dreads, many appear to prefer to start their journey with twists or comb coils.

Many others have worn this look, so you might give it a shot as well. This will enhance your personality and make you stand out from those with conventional hairstyles. Like any other haircut, you’ll need to set aside time for this one. The dreadlocks hairstyle is offered by many salons, so it is advised to go with a touch of professionalism.

Source: Instagram (@jamorant)

While this is allowed, it would be ideal for you to wait until your hair has fully grown out before bleaching or dying it. We also understand that you could be asking this question because of the color of his hair.

These techniques work best on those who have medium-length or longer dreads because they need mature hair that is less likely to break from color damage. However, there are many different dread style and color options available if your hair is long.

As a point of contention, make sure to moisturize your hair every day and to oil your scalp. Your scalp needs moisture and maintenance because it is a continuation of your skin. Your dreads’ health and growth will be supported by consistent moisturizing practice.

Maintaining Ja Morant Hairstyle

Ja Morant hairstyle is a challenging and fun way to sport your hair. If you are ready to take on such a challenge, here are some tips on how to keep your Ja Morant free form dreads healthy.

Use a good Quality Shampoo and Conditioner

The first step is to start with a healthy scalp. You can do this by using a good quality shampoo and conditioner that will not strip your scalp of its natural oils.

Top Ja Morant Hairstyle
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Moisturize your hair with Oil

It is also important that you moisturize your hair with an oil blend that matches your natural oils. You can use as much as needed for added moisture without fear of overdoing it, since there is no set amount required for this style.

Most Recommended Ja Morant Hairstyle
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Use Styling Cream

There are many ways you can wear this hairstyle including braids, cornrows or twists, which mean you will need different types of products depending on which style you choose. For example, if you want to wear braids then you would need a styling cream but if you want twists then all you need is an oil blend or mousse depending on what works best for your hair type.


Although Ja Morant, an NBA basketball player, has had a remarkable career, the attention today is on his hair and sense of style.

He started his career in 2019 at Murray State before transferring to the University of Memphis, where he was recognized for his outstanding play by being named to the first team All-American, leading the team in assists for the season, winning the National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament MVP, Conference Player in 2020, and receiving the Lute Olson Award. It is not surprising that individuals are trying to style their hair in a similar fashion to him given all of his achievements and awards.

His previous twists, braids, and dreads are all best suited for people with afro-textured hair. Once your hair has grown out sufficiently, you are free to style and color it any way you like.

We should also point out that maintaining lengthy dreadlocks like this needs additional maintenance, such as washing and retwisting your hair every six weeks, something none of us want.

Overall, even though Ja Morant’s hairstyle can be quite difficult to replicate precisely, everyone can make their own version of the hair with enough time, the correct tools, and trustworthy assistance. Try to keep your hair alone because the majority of varieties forgo the usage of cosmetics. The cuticles will not only appear healthy, but they will also toughen up against damage and dryness.

Additionally, the texture will seem fun and feel lighter. Additionally, when reproducing the top knot dreads, choose your own palette of colors to give it your own unique spin. If you want to increase the playfulness of the hairdo, avoid using neutral hues.

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