How to wake sleeping bulbs up and make hair grow faster

There are many situations when you want to increase your hair growth. You do not like your short hair anymore, you have a bad haircut or so on. Reasons can be different.

But did you know, that part of the hair follicles is in a resting phase until it becomes to grow? Sometimes the resting period is delayed for a long time. Thank god, there are many ways to wake hair follicles up – massage, burning masks, salon procedures.

How to make hair grow faster

It is important to adopt hair products and cosmetics that actively irritate the scalp, causing the blood flow and nourish hair follicles. These prodicts can be used as a basis for masks – red pepper, mustard, ginger, cinnamon.


Such masks are based on warming up and blood flowing to the scalp. They are based on mustard, onion, pepper tincture, cinnamon, and others. Masks nourish hair with useful substances and clean the scalp. Therefore, they can both wake the sleeping bulbs and improve the hair condition.

Salon procedures

In case of serious problems of hair loss, it is always helpful to consult with a specialist. The trichologist will determine the hair condition, prescribe a diet, preparations or vitamins and will help to select therapeutic procedures.

Salons usually offer such procedures as:

  • mesotherapy – injections of small doses of medicinal preparations into the scalp,
  • ozonotherapy – injections of ozone-containing preparations,
  • darsonvalization – exposure to high-frequency microcurrents,
  • professional massage and others.


Hair massage with the use of oils improves blood circulation and nutrition of hair follicles. It increases the flow of oxygen to the head, that is very good for hair health.In this sense, active daily hair combing, aromatherapy with essential oils, and the use of head massagers are also very useful. And it is not recommended to do tight hairstyles very often.


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  1. It is necessary to eliminate the cause of hair loss. Maybe this is stress or hormonal failure. Massage the scalp, do masks with red pepper!

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