Dry shampoo is a must-have in those cases when we do not have the opportunity to wash our hair, but there is a need for it – for example, a trip. Especially it makes life easier for owners of oily hair.

What is the dry shampoo for the head?

This tool is applied to hair roots and absorbs all sebum; then it can be removed from hair with a comb or hair dryer. Hair becomes fresh and bulky.

A quality product is removed without difficulty, and with some other can be problems. How to use dry shampoo?

Dry hair shampoo includes various absorbent components, for example, white clay, potato starch, rice powder, silk powder, cyclodextrins, polysaccharides. And also such additives as essential oils, vitamins, extracts of useful herbs.

Typically, these shampoos have a neutral pH. They gently cleanse the scalp, give the hair its freshness, volume, and a pleasant matte texture.

There are well-established products of such brands as Lee Stafford, Klorane, Proffs, Batiste.

Here is the effect of dry shampoo application:

How to use dry shampoo for hair?

Dry shampoo for the head is an aerosol. Therefore, it is better to buy small bottles. It is also more advantageous in case you do not like or do not approve a particular product.

Before using, the can should be shaken. The aerosol is sprayed on hair from a distance of 30-40 cm; then you need to massage your head gently. After a few minutes, the hair should be carefully combed with a regular massage brush.
It isn’t recommended to use the dry shampoo on a daily base, only for occasional use in emergency situations, to quickly put your head in order.

It is possible to replace a dry shampoo

Instead of dry shampoo for the head in emergency situations, a lot of people use baby powder or even the most ordinary flour – the effect is about the same.

How to use the dry shampoo and how to replace it

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