How to Soften Coarse African American Hair

The most important factor to consider to soften coarse African American hair is moisture retention. Without this, it’s easy to be dry and frizzy. No one wants that. No one wants hardly manageable hair. Once you figure out the most effective ways on how to make your curls hold more moisture overtime, you’ll never go back to the salon to get your hair treated to make it frizz-free.

The only key is to just find the perfect balance and keep it consistently. So if you’re having a hard time softening your curls, don’t worry. You’re not alone. And there are tons of different ways on how to solve this problem! Read along this article and discover more about the proper maintenance for coarse African American hair.

Why are your curls dry?

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Hair isn’t naturally dry. There are several factors why it happens. For women, some of the most prominent reasons are frequent use of heat for styling. Without proper hair care, it can easily be ruined and get damaged.

For men, on the other hand, they don’t use too much styling equipment for their hair. So for those who have dry African American hair, the reason is probably some environmental conditions like a dry and hot climate, too much exposure to sun and wind, or frequently swimming in chlorinated water or salt water.

Poor hair care can also contribute to dry and frizzy curls. Some of these practices are:

  • Washing your hair too often
  • Using hair products that contain harsh chemicals
  • Dyeing or chemically treating your hair
  • Frequently blow drying your hair

Discovering which of these factors contribute to your dry hair will help you figure out what to avoid.

Different ways on how to soften coarse African American hair

The main trick to soften your coarse hair is to make an adjustment to your hair care routine. Your hair is dry probably because it lacks moisture and nourishment it needs so it can look good. Tweaking your hair maintenance can help you ensure that you feed your curls with the right balance of nourishment.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some ways to soften your coarse African American hair.

Practice the pre-poo method.

Sometimes, it’s the shampoo that damages your hair. It contains sulfates and parabens which can strip off natural oils in your scalp, leaving your hair frizzy and dry. But there’s an effective way to prevent this problem from happening in the first place without having to totally ditch using shampoo.

The pre-poo method promotes the use of leave-in conditioner or oil in your hair before shampooing it. The oil or conditioner builds a protective layer for your hair to prevent chemicals from shampoo from draining all the sebum your scalp needs.

This method is also recommended for preventing your hair color from fading. When you frequently wash your hair, it slowly loses your hair’s natural pigments overtime.

One of the best pre-poo products is this Biolage RAW Pre-Shampoo Treatment. This contains olives, sunflower, and borage oil that are perfect for smoothening and conditioning your hair while protecting it from the harmful damage of frequently using a shampoo.

how to soften coarse hair

Use a shampoo and conditioner specifically tailored for dry, coarse hair.

Not all shampoos and conditioners are suitable for all types of hair. If you have dry, coarse hair, you must pay attention to the ingredients whether they’re good for you or not. Coarse hair needs a sulfate-free shampoo that’s full of moisturizing properties.

There are tons of shampoos and conditioners in the market, but only a few of them can help you solve your problem. One of the best brands that are recommended to use for dry, coarse hair is Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Shampoo. It’s packed with all nutrients essential for retaining moisture in your hair and scalp.

It also helps your curls rehydrate when they need a moisture boost. So many perks you can get in one amazing product!

how to soften coarse american african hair

Use a lightweight leave-in conditioner.

Leave-in conditioner is essential for coarse African American hair. You need light and creamy products that will help your hair to soften. Never use a hair product that contains high levels of protein. Protein is recommended for kinky hair types and other looser curls. But if you have African American hair, control these levels.

The best leave-in conditioner you can use is Shea Moisture Palm Oil And Cocoa Butter. This brand is perfect for making sure the moisture penetrates and properly conditioners your hair and scalp. In this way, your coarse hair can turn into smooth and defined locks.

best way to soften coarse african american hair

Use organic oils to lock in moisture to your hair.

So many people are neglecting the benefits of organic oils to your hair and settling on other chemically-treated products instead. Organic oils are natural solutions for keeping your hair healthy especially those who have coarse African American hair. This is also the main reason why most organic hair products include different types of oils in their ingredients.

Some of the best types of oils you can use to your hair are coconut oil, avocado oil, and sweet almond oil. These contain tons of vitamins and minerals good for feeding your hair and scalp the nutrients and hydration it needs without the use of chemicals.

Hair softeners don’t always have to come from a lab. Actually, most of the natural softeners can be found just around the corner. These oil types are commonly available in grocery stores and they’re ready to use. And even if it’s your first time using them, don’t worry! Because it’s all natural, you can expect you won’t get any harmful effects or damage whatever your hair type is.

Deep condition your hair.

The best way to deep condition your hair is through steaming. Try the baggy method. This involves using greenhousing techniques to generate steam and infuse moisture to your hair and scalp. This process is quick and easy! Also recommended even for beginners.

All you have to do is to apply your preferred deep conditioning hair mask, wrap your hair using a plastic bag, and leave it for about an hour. You can do this at least once a week. After a few weeks of doing this, you can notice an enhancement in your hair’s texture.

Consider using a hair steamer.

But if you want to upscale your hair steaming procedure, you can consider using a hair steamer instead. A steamer produces more vapor so it’s definitely perfect to use for extensive moisture. Plus, you can have the option to add essential oils to the steamer for extra therapeutic purposes.

Use rose flower oil, coconut oil, or hydrogenated castor oil for your next steaming procedure and experience an instant smoothing and moisturizing effect. Nothing beats the nourishing benefits organic and all natural ingredients can give your hair and scalp.

Looking for a hair steamer? Try this Kingdom Cares 2-in-1 Hair and Facial Steamer. This produces ultra fine mist that can easily be absorbed by your face or hair. This is one of the top of the line products when it comes to hair steamers.

best way to soften coarse african american hair 2021

Try hot oil treatment.

Doing hot oil treatment once in a while can help you ease coarse hair and turn it into smooth and moisturized. It boosts your hair strands that bring intense hydration and feeds your hair with essential antioxidants.

Planning to try hot oil treatment? Don’t worry. You don’t have to go to the salon to do this. You can easily practice this at home. All you need are your choices of essential oils. Mix your chosen oils and put it in a microwavable bowl. Heat it in the microwave for about 30 seconds and apply it to your hair evenly.

You can do this at least once every two weeks for maximum results.

Try a clarifying treatment.

Dry and coarse hair is more prone to product buildup, hard water minerals, dirt and dust that can harm your hair and scalp if not resolved right away. Your hair will just go worse. One of the best solutions to this problem is by having a regular clarifying treatment.

Use a clarifying shampoo on your hair at least twice a month to get rid of stubborn product buildup and other impurities caused by different environmental factors. If you’re new to this process, try using this RedKen Detox Hair Cleansing and Clarifying Shampoo.

ways to soften coarse hair

Softening Coarse African American Hair 

The key to smooth and healthy African American hair is proper moisture retention. So if you want to improve your curls, adjust your current hair care routine and make it a habit to moisturize your hair.

There are tons of ways and products you can use to take care of your curls. Use this article as a guide to learn how to start softening your coarse African American hair.

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