How To Plop Straight Hair for Beginners

Wondering How To Plop Straight Hair? Here are a few tips and ideas that you can follow. Check it out!

Are you fed up with having straight hair with little volume and no texture? Try the hair plopping method to get the luscious curly locks you want without using any hair tools and you’ll be amazed by the results.

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Hair plopping has been one of the trending hair hacks lately thanks to social media influencers on Tik Tok and Instagram.

If you’re someone with straight hair who prefer a curly girl look then hair plopping is what you should be trying this time. It’s perfectly safe and saves your hair from the damage those hot hair tools can cause. 

But what exactly is hair plopping? And how is it done? 

To answer those questions and to help you with the process we’ve brought you a step-by-step guide for plopping and everything you need to know about hair plopping. Make sure to check out down below!

How To Plop Straight Hair

What Is Hair Plopping?

Before we dive into the plopping process let’s take a look at what hair plopping means. For those who don’t know, hair plopping is a method that involves tying your hair when it’s damp in a towel or a t-shirt and wrapping it around your head securely for about 20 to 30 minutes.

How To Plop Straight Hair
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This process dries your hair and ultimately gives you natural curl locks without any frizz or dried brittle texture. 

This method is quite similar to the traditional drying method where a lot of women wrap their hair around a towel after showering.

However, the hair plopping method requires you to keep your hair wrapped around for a longer time if you want the desired results. 

One thing to know about hair plopping is that it provides you a voluminous curly or wavy texture (depending on the hair) without using any hair tools like curling irons etc.

You also don’t have to use a hairdryer to dry your hair since plopping does the drying for you. This saves your hair from getting damaged by heated hair tools. 

how long to plop straight hair
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To save your hair from frizz and entanglement try the hair plopping method for a wonderful and luscious mane.

Is It Possible To Plop Straight Hair?

Hair plopping was initially a solution to drying hair for women with curly hair as it helps to keep the curls intact without losing any texture.

can you plop naturally straight hair
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As the hair hack became viral, countless women with different hair textures have tried the plopping method and it seemingly has worked for a lot of them. 

As someone who has wavy hair, I tried the plopping procedure and it just made my hair voluminous with minimum bouncy curls. 

However, one point to note is that the results you witness by plopping will vary depending on your hair texture.

Someone with curly hair might have defined bouncy curls after plopping while someone with straight hair can have wavy and subtle curls.

can i plop straight hair
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In addition, you might also have a voluminous hair texture that might have gone unnoticed due to using damaging hair products. Hence, plopping can help you reveal your natural hair texture.

After all, plopping is a safe procedure that won’t cause any breakage or damage to your hair and provides the best results if done correctly. So let’s take a look at how it’s done.

Step-by-Step Guide To Plop Straight Hair

Before plopping your hair make sure to get a towel with microfibers since regular towels with long fibers can cause friction and hair breakage when wrapped. Or you can also use a long sleeve cotton t-shirt for an easy wrap-up.

Step 1 – Get your hair ready for the process by showering. Use a mild shampoo without any parabens or sulfate and use a conditioner after rinsing the shampoo. 

Step 2 –  After showering, use a mini towel or a cloth of your choice to remove excess water. Do not rub the hair with the cloth but rather squeeze the water to make sure your hair isn’t dripping wet.

Step 3 – Once your hair is damp, use nourishing hair oil or a leave-in conditioner cream before plopping your hair. Use a comb or your fingers to gently apply the products to your hair.

how do you plop straight hair
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Step 4 – Place the t-shirt or any cloth that’s big enough to hold your hair on a flat surface. Bring your hair front and bend forward by placing your tresses on the t-shirt.

Step 5 – Once your head is placed on the t-shirt with your hair in front, fold the top part of the t-shirt over your hair and cover your neck. 

Source: Instagram @moonstoneseven

Step 6 – Twist the t-shirt with slight pressure to ensure your hair is secure and intact and then use the sleeves of your t-shirt to tie a knot.

This will keep your hair in place and also make sure to tuck in any loose hair back inside the t-shirt. Leave the t-shirt on your hair for about 20 minutes.

Step 7 – Once your hair is dried, remove the knot on your t-shirt and take out your hair. You can use your fingers to run through your hair to remove any tangles. 

Do’s and Don’ts After Plopping

It’s recommended not to comb or brush your hair after plopping because it can spoil the look of your curls by eliminating the hair texture you’ve attained after plopping. 

can i plop straight hair
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In addition, if you’re in a hurry and don’t have enough time to completely dry your hair by plopping you can attach an air diffuser to your hairdryer. This will give out cold air to dry your wet mane hence not damaging your hair in the process.

Don’t use a hairdryer without an air diffuser or any curling irons because these will ruin your naturally curled hair.

how do you plop straight hair
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If you want to achieve the best results by plopping on straight hair, then it’s suggested to leave your hair to dry overnight as this will help your hair to retain a thick texture.

When you wake up in the morning your hair will be completely dried with natural luscious curly locks bouncing down your head.

What Are The Benefits Of Hair Plopping?

Hair plopping is an ideal method to maintain healthy-looking and voluminous hair without using any harmful hair products or machines.

how to plop your straight hair with a t shirt
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It’s also a cheap alternative to style your hair rather than paying a visit to a hairstylist for a curling treatment. 

If you have damaged and brittle hair, you’re unfortunately out of options for styling your hair because the use of curling irons and hair dryers is going to cause further damage to your hair.

If that’s the case then hair plopping is the convenient and recommended hairstyling option for you because it doesn’t involve using any hair tools.

The hair plopping procedure reduces any risk of hair breakage and also prevents your hair from frizzing. 

You also don’t require any accessories or hair products to perform plopping on your hair except for a t-shirt or a microfibre towel and your regular shampoo and hair conditioner.

You can still incorporate a nourishing oil before attempting the plopping method yet it’s optional.

can i plop straight hair
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The final results are the bomb because your hair will have the ravishing curly and wavy effect that cannot be achieved by using damaging hair tools and accessories.

Plopping is also one of the best ways to add texture to your hair. If you have straight and fine hair you might be struggling to have a voluminous effect. Hence, plopping can improve the texture of your hair and make it look bouncy. 

Is Plopping Benfecial For Hair In The Long Run?

Any procedure has its pros and cons and hair plopping is no exception. While hair plopping has a range of benefits for your hair, it also has a set of cons that may disadvantage you in the future. 

can you plop naturally straight hair
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Firstly, plopping involves wrapping up damp hair and leaving it to dry as long as it takes. This may cause build-up in the scalp as you’re not wiping or drying your hair to get rid of the water. 

If plopping is done regularly, your hair will lose its strength because your hair is pushed against the scalp. This will reduce your hair root volume and ultimately result in hair fall. Also, don’t plop your hair overnight always as it’s unhealthy for your scalp.

Hair plopping can be a time-consuming process, unlike curling irons which give you results within a few minutes. Hence, it wouldn’t be an ideal hair styling option for any last-minute events. 

Therefore, it’s wise to plop your hair from time to time by following the guide cautiously.

How To Plop Straight Hair: FAQs

Can you plop your hair if you have straight hair?

While plopping is a popular method to retain the bouncy texture of curly hair, hair plopping can also be performed on straight hair as well.

The results would vary on straight hair compared to naturally curly hair. You can follow the regular plopping method using a t-shirt or microfiber towel to plop straight hair.

Is plopping only for curly hair?

Plopping has been a popular hair trend for people with curly hair to retain their natural wavy and curly texture. When plopping is done on curly hair, the hair would look more lifted and the curls would look defined.

However, plopping can also be done on wavy, fine, and straight hair as well. The results of plopping on fine and straight hair will depend on hair texture and volume.

Can plopping cause frizz?

Plopping is a famous hair trend that is usually done on naturally curly hair to retain the hair texture and to make the curly locks look more bouncy.

Plopping is done on damp hair and it’s left to dry in a towel or t-shirt hence it doesn’t cause hair to be frizzy.

Is it ok to plop hair overnight?

Hair plopping involves drying your hair in a piece of fabric while giving you bouncy curls after the hair has completely dried.
To achieve luscious and glossy curls you can leave your hair to plop overnight. Make sure to remove excess water from your hair before plopping.
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