10 Amazing Hairstyles For Round Faces

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Looking for amazing hairstyles for round faces? Here are a few hairstyles for you check it out.

Have you got a round face and are confused about which hairstyles to try? Well, here we have curated some ravishing and unique hairstyles that are currently breaking the hairstyle trends on Instagram. 

Picking the right hairstyle for round faces can be quite intricate at times but don’t let that discourage you from attempting new hairstyles.

You can either try a hairstyle to flaunt your perfectly round face or perform a style that can make your face look elongated if you wish to go for a slimming effect. So, try on these hairstyles to look more sophisticated and phenomenal.

Amazing Hairstyles For Round Faces

Medium Length Bob

Chicks with round faces look amazing with a bob cut. This hairstyle as we know requires cutting your hair in a medium length which is up to your neck. As a result, it makes it easier to style.

Amazing Hairstyles For Round Faces
Source: Instagram @sharesadoeshair

It will also enhance the shape of your face by making it look fuller. If you wish to make your face appear slimmer then you can opt to side part your hair.

The medium-length bob can be easily styled on straight, fine, or thick hair. Make sure to ask your stylist to cut your hair up to your neck.

hairstyles for round faces over 60
Source: Instagram @dustinj.harmon

You can also add bright highlights to your hair for a dramatizing appearance. This is hands down one of the easiest hairstyles to perform.

Natural Bouncy Curls

Curls are the best way to deal with a round face as it makes you look both stylish and beautiful at the same time. If you’ve got natural curls you’re definitely lucky and this hairstyle is the ideal one for you. 

hairstyles bob for round faces
Source: Instagram @rachelanne49

You can choose to keep the length of your curly hair as you prefer. However, if you want to have a defined jawline then it’s best to go for a short or medium length cut.

Cutting your naturally curly hair short not only makes it convenient to style but also enhances the texture of your curls by making them look more bouncy.

hairstyles best for round faces
Source: Instagram @curly_hair_london

It’s highly recommended to condition your hair after shampooing as this would prove useful to expose your curls. Brush away and flaunt them curl locks.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

A pixie cut might not be your go-to hairstyle but it has proved to be one of the trendiest and unique hairstyles of all time. If you love experimenting with your hair then an asymmetrical pixie cut is a great start. 

hairstyles with bangs for round faces
Source: Instagram @cleanbeautyreveal

This hairstyle is performed by cutting your hair short, generally up to your neck. Then one side of your hair is trimmed asymmetrically which will fall on the side of your face. 

This hairstyle can come in handy if you have straight fine hair as it’s much easier to style. The asymmetrical pixie can do wonders to your face by defining your jawline and making your face look elongated as well.

flattering hairstyles for round faces
Source: Instagram @sacredritualshbs

This is an ideal hairstyle for women over the age of 40 as it can make you look youthful.

Long Layered Hairstyle

If you’re someone who likes to keep their hair long then the long layered hairstyle would be ideal for you. Long hair is always gorgeous despite its texture and with a lovely layer cut, your hair would look fantabulous. 

korean short hairstyles for round faces
Source: Instagram @jennifer.sarchet

The layers make your hair look wavy and add great definition to your long hair. This hairstyle looks absolutely gorgeous on thick hair as it can enhance the texture of the layers. 

soft dread hairstyles for round faces
Source: Instagram @jenndstyle

It’s also simple to style and easier to maintain without having to touch up once in a while. This long hairstyle can aid in making your face appear slimmer and youthful.

Shoulder Length Wavy Hairstyle

Shoulder-length hairstyles are excellent if you love minimal hairstyles. They can suit you irrespective of your face shape and are much effortless to style as well.

short hairstyles for round faces with double chin
Source: Instagram @jule_by_mariecouleur

For this hairstyle, you’re required to have thick or fine straight hair and cut your hair up to your shoulder length.

Brush your hair down neatly and use a hairspray to ensure your hair strands don’t fly away. You can also use a hair roller if you prefer to have a few wavy strands.

long hairstyles for round faces
Source: Instagram @rocioulloa.mua

This shoulder-length hairstyle will provide the illusion of making your face appear slimmer while still looking chubby.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Half up and half down hairstyles are one of the most versatile hairstyles out there. There is a myriad of half up and half down hairstyles that can suit any face shape and size.

short curly hairstyles for round faces
Source: Instagram @jadorediorspa

For round faces, you can choose to have a basic half up half down hairstyle by simply using a claw clip or a band to keep half of your hair on top and the rest of the strands are kept at the back.

The rest of the hair which is left down can be brushed to the front which adds a slimming effect to your face while making your face appear elongated. 

short hairstyles for round faces over 50
Source: Instagram @makeupbykarenlee

It’s one of the simplest hairstyles to attempt which can make you look stylish and classy in no time. It’s also an ideal hairstyle for an office meeting or presentation.

Medium Length Straight Lob

A lob is an abbreviation for “long bob” and it has been a trendy hairstyle since 2017. A lob hairstyle can be cut in various lengths however, if you have a chubby round face then a medium length straight lob would be recommended.

short hairstyles for round faces and thin hair
Source: Instagram @hairbythalia

It’s also necessary to have straight or wavy hair to style a perfect lob hairstyle.

Your hair is cut until your collar bone length and it’s usually brushed forward which causes your hair to appear much more voluminous.

best hairstyles for round faces
Source: Instagram @kinkhairstudiocashel

If you have fine hair and are worried about which hairstyle to try, the medium-length straight lob is here for your rescue. This hairstyle can also make your face look lean and cover an undefined chin.

Short Shaggy Hairstyle

A shaggy hairstyle is never out of trend and it’s one of the resorted hairstyles tried by women with round faces over the age of 40.

short hairstyles for round faces
Source: Instagram @edosalonandgallery

If you’ve got thin hair then you can opt for a short shaggy hairstyle because it volumizes your hair and can make it look perfectly balanced.

A short shag is also convenient to style and maintain and doesn’t require too many hair products to keep your hair in place.

hairstyles for round faces with bangs
Source: Instagram @ashlbhair and

This hairstyle can make your face appear slimmer, elongated, and fuller. To look more youthful you can part your hair from the middle to the side. This would act as a bang and adds extra detail to this minimalistic hairstyle. 

Short Afro Hairstyle

Afro hairstyles are widely styled by black people and it’s one of the amazing hairstyles that can make you look subtle and mesmerizing.

Afros are unique and not many people can adapt them hence with an afro hairstyle you’ll stand out and receive a ton of attention. 

hairstyles for round faces with glasses
Source: Instagram @blackbeautyradar

Since there are countless variations of afro hairstyles, we’ll look into a specific hairstyle for round faces.  

This is a short afro hairstyle where your hair is trimmed very short and you’re left with minimal afro curls that add a lovely texture to your hairstyle. You can color your hair to make them look ravishing and stylish.

hairstyles for round faces over 60
Source: Instagram @alejaandrah_

It’s an easy hairstyle to perform and doesn’t require any maintenance at all plus it complements a round face quite well.

Wavy Hair With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are definitely a sophisticated way to deal with an undefined jawline and chin. Especially when your hair has a wavy texture, your curtain bangs are going to look bomb on you. 

hairstyles for round faces over 40
Source: Instagram @janjanhair

You can opt to keep your hair either long or short and use your naturally wavy hair to do the magic. 

Make sure to brush your hair neatly and part the curtain bangs equally to the sides. This would provide a slimming effect on your face while also making your face look lifted and elongated.

hairstyles for round faces over 50
Source: Instagram @hair.by_h

This is an easy-to-style hairstyle that’ll make you look extraordinary and cute.

Hairstyles For Round Faces: FAQs

What hairstyle is best for a round face?

There are several hairstyles that can suit round faces such as:
Medium Length Bob
Natural Bouncy Curls
Asymmetrical Pixie Cut
Long Layered Hairstyle
Shoulder Length Wavy Hairstyle
Half Up Half Down Hairstyle
Medium Length Straight Lob
Short Shaggy Hairstyle
Short Afro Hairstyle
Wavy Hair with Curtain Bangs

Is short or long hair better for round faces?

One of the major misconceptions regarding round and chubby faces is that only long hair can suit them. This has been proven to be false due to bold and experimental hairstyles like pixie cuts.

Both long and short hair can look good on round faces if the right style is implemented such as going for curtain bangs with long hair or opting for a straight lob with medium length hair.

Even a shaggy hairstyle on short hair can make round faces look phenomenal.

Is bangs good for a round face?

Since round faces are very chubby and look full, the length and texture of the bangs will depend on how someone with a round face would look.

For instance, straight and smooth bangs wouldn’t suit round faces well because they can only make your face appear more round and chubby.

Hence. It’s best to go for thick side-parted bangs or wavy curtain bangs for round faces as they can elongate your face and make it appear slimmer.

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