Hair Tips
Hair balsam: why you need it and how to use it

If you want to have healthy hear, we recommend washing hair with balsam or conditioner. Try co-washing, as well! Co-washing is an abbreviation for Conditioner ...

How To Plop Straight Hair for Beginners

Wondering How To Plop Straight Hair? Here are a few tips and ideas that you can follow. Check it out! Are you fed up with having straight hair with ...

How to Soften Coarse African American Hair

The most important factor to consider to soften coarse African American hair is moisture retention. Without this, it’s easy to be dry and frizzy. No one ...

Why Does My Hair Curl Upwards at the End

It's possible that your hair is curling for a number of different reasons. Hair loss can be caused by a multitude of factors including genetics, pregnancy, ...

What Hair Color suits Green Eyes the Best

Do you have green eyes and you’re planning to get a nice hair color to suit your dreamy eyes? If you don’t have any ideas on what hair color you should ...

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