Regardless of the type of hair, it is useful to massage the scalp. If the hair is brittle, the skin is dry and there is dandruff, the massage is done before shampooing using castor or burdock oil. This enhances blood flow and nourishes the skin with oxygen.

Instead of oils, you can use special balms. Such balms usually contain D-Panthenol and keratin, preventing hair loss, as well as stimulating the growth of healthy and strong hair.

In case of oily hair, massage is also performed before washing the hair, but instead of oils, special remedies against oily hair are used.

Since massage activates functions of the skin, it is recommended, first of all, for those who have dandruff, who have dry hair, as well as those who suffer from excessive hair loss due to overwork or improper regime. In such cases, performing the massage is necessary and it should be done even more intensively than it is usually recommended.

The duration of the massage should not exceed 15 minutes and should be done no more than twice a week. Usually, the massage is done before washing the head or during the wash, because it contributes to the secretion of sebum, which pollutes the hair. But when the massage is done after washing the hair, its result is more effective. Therefore, only experimenting, you can choose the individual time of the massage.

Head massage consists of several stages:

  • Brush  the entire length of the hair with oils or balms. The following stages can be performed immediately after this. It is not necessary to give the hair extra time to soak in the compositions.
  • Stroking. Performed this fingertips. There are two options for how to do this.
  1. The first: to begin movements from the frontal lobe to the back of the head, gradually moving and “brushing” the hair with fingers.
  2. The second: put one hand on the back of the head, and the other on the forehead and slowly, without pressing, move them towards each other;
  • Rubbing. It is done from the top with fingertips. In the direction from the bottom up, you need to make circular, neat and vigorous movements;
  • Airing and stifling. With the help of straightened fingers, the hair is grabbed at the roots and slowly pulled up, while slightly swaying them;
  • Knocking. It is performed with four fingers. The impact lies in light touches over the entire surface of the head;
  • Vibration. Use soft pillows to move the soft tissues downward from the crown.
Hair Scalp Massage

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