Easy Crochet Hairstyles with Simple Crochet Braid Hair

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Your hair’s health and length can greatly change based on the protective style you choose. 

These hairstyles are not only incredibly flexible protective styles that can be done straight, curled, twisted, braided, or in a fake knot without hurting your hair, but they’re also simply so incredibly gorgeous. 

If you’ve never seen crochet braids or even other protective hairstyles, we recommend you do so right away. You can have a gorgeous hairdo with these styles since your braider uses a unique crochet to attach your additions into your braids rather than sewing them in.

Keep on reading and see these amazing hairstyles!

Easy Crochet Hairstyles

Crochet hair
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Crocheting hair extensions onto natural hair results in crocheted hair. Though there are various style options, this method is most frequently used to make braids. 

As it protects the hair from harm caused and reduces damage, these hairstyle is classed as a protective hairstyle. Additionally, it’s a quick way to achieve locs or braids without needing to put a lot of work into your hair. 

This is particularly true for hair-damaging hairstyles like box braids. Because it preserves the hair’s natural texture, it is a fantastic option for Afro-textured hair. This hairstyle will maximize the long-term health of your hair.

Crochet Hairstyles
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Now, learn how to create the ideal protective hairstyle with crochet. They not only let you wear extensions without tugging on your original strands, but there are so many different styles to pick amongst. 

The greatest part, though? Most of these techniques are so simple that you can execute them at home without any prior experience. Check out these easy crochet hairstyles!

#1 Crochet Goddess Braids

Crochet Hairstyles easy

The crochet technique is used to extend cornrows into crochet braids. This strategy is appealing since it is gentle on the scalp. They come in several styles and can be made from different types of synthetic hair. 

Goddess braids are a fantastic option if you desire stunning, feminine hair. The braids are tight to the scalp and made with stronger cornrows, yet they are highly versatile and may be done long or short, in a variety of colors, and with variable degrees of thickness. This protective style can cut down on styling time, eliminate friction and breakage, and promote natural hair regeneration.

#2 Crochet Box Braids

Crochet Box Braids
Source: Instagram @isasamico

Box braids are an excellent option if you want to have crochet braids and desire a safe look that is adaptable and fashionable. Celebrities and fashion icons love box braids, which are made up of individual plaits divided into tiny squares and create a box-like look, hence the name. 

They adapt themself well for most colors and accessories and may be styled in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. You can also decide whether to style them upwards or based on your personal preference. 

The simplicity of prepared crochet box braids allows you to save some money and effort.

#3 Crochet Braids Curly

Crochet Braids Curly
Source: Insatgram @beautycreationsinsta

Crochet braids are a great way to get the protected hairstyle of your desires because they are sometimes more inexpensive than sew-in braids. They have a variety of options, such as pre-colored and pre-styled ones. This is a method to use if you really want to get yourself longer hair over your natural hair and adore the aesthetic of curly hair. 

Curly braids can accentuate your best face features and are highly appealing. Depending on the length, texture, and of obviously, your preferences, you can design your braids in a variety of ways. This includes wearing your hair in fashionable updos or letting it hang loosely around your face to frame your features.

#4 Short Crochet Hairstyle

Short Crochet Hairstyle
Source: Instagram @groveybeautyhub

You don’t have to have big or long braids to draw attention to your hair. For such a woman with thin or fair hair who doesn’t want to put stress on her head, a short crochet is a good solution. Shorter braids are ideal for everyday use because they aren’t as heavy or complicated. 

They may also be simpler to maintain and style. Depending on your hairstyle choice and how you take care of it, crochet braids can last up to eight weeks.

#5 Crochet Bob Hairstyle

Crochet Bob Hairstyle
Source: Instagram @makemeprettyq_

The short hairstyle is a classic and elegant look for ladies of all ages. It is adaptable and may be customized to match your hair type and trimmed to enhance the entire look. Additionally, you can create a braided bob with your hair, which provides the hairdo a fashionable and functional update. 

A protective style like braids can improve healthy hair growth and lessen breakage. Because they won’t be heavy or thick at this length, maintaining hair in a bob cut is indeed very low-maintenance and acceptable even for people with thin or fine hair.

#6 Cornrow Crochet Hairstyle

Cornrow Crochet Hairstyle
Source: Instagram @candiandcosalon

Your natural hair is first braided into cornrows, which act as the base for crochet braids. A crochet hook is then used to attach the hair to the cornrows, making installation quick and simple. Among the most popular and adaptable protective hairstyles is cornrows. 

Close to the scalp, the hair is styled to form little, elevated portions that are arranged in rows. They may be made to look long or short and are quite flexible. For a unique and daring take on the haircut, you might also wish to blend cornrows on the sides with long braids on top.

#7 Dreadlocks Crochet Hairstyle

Dreadlocks Crochet Hairstyle
Source: Instagram @natural_hair_and_more

Hair that is styled into rope-like dreadlocks takes determination and time to grow out. It would be a fantastic idea to add dreads using crochet braids if you love the style but lack the ability to grow them out. This will instantly give you a cool and edgy appearance. 

Dreadlocks can be styled in a variety of ways, including updos and long, loose looks. You can choose from a variety of lengths and thicknesses. This could also be a smart move to see if you would look well with dreadlocks before committing to them.

#8 Crochet Ponytail

Crochet Ponytail
Source: Instagram @royastouch

One of the easiest updos to make and one that requires little time and effort is the ponytail. You may create ponytails that are lengthy and statement-making or lovely and textured by using crochet braids to add hair in for texture and length. 

Ponytails enhance most face shapes and turn heads on women of all ages. They are being practical since they keep hair out of your neck and out of your eyes. This is excellent for wearing to formal events or the workout.

#9 Ombre Crochet Hairstyle

Ombre Crochet Hairstyle
Source: Instagram @beautycreationsinsta

The best way to play with color without harming your natural hair is with ombre crochet braids. Pre-colored hair is a possibility, or you can deal with a hairdresser to find the solutions that are ideal for you. A coloring method called ombre effortlessly combines lighter and darker tones. 

You can soften and enliven your style by blending the hues of your base with a brighter hue, such as blonde or honey, for a more natural look.

#10 Crochet Hairstyle For Little Girls

Crochet Hairstyle For Little Girls
Source: Instagram @braideddollz_

With crochet braids, you can let your young girl enhance her appearance with vibrant hues or intriguing braided designs. This method’s benefit is because it is mild on the skin and won’t result in irritation. 

Towards a special occasion or over the vacations, it’s a fun way to try out new styles without harming the natural hair.

Overall, crochet hair is really customizable and offers you to achieve a variety of appearances. You will undoubtedly look fantastic with the haircut you choose. 

I hope this post has inspired you in some way!

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