14 Cute Little Girl Haircuts

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While your little girl is a toddler, I’m sure she just doesn’t want to sit quietly in the chair at the parlour and you will have to look out for easier and simpler hairstyles. 

But as your child grows up and becomes a little girl, she will for sure want to try out new hairstyles like the ones she sees on television and compare them with the ones her friends at school get.

So I’m pretty certain that there are many of you parents out there looking out for cute hairstyles to doll up your little girl. Well, look no further, as this article will for sure have you covered!

So check out the 14 cutest little girl haircuts and hairstyles you can get for your child, today!

Adorable Little Girl Haircuts

The Double Layered haircut with a French Forehead Braid Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @asideofsister

The reason I decided to put this haircut first is because of how pretty it looks. It is super cute and I’m sure you cannot deny that! This style will literally suit any child with any face cut but will work best on children with straighter to wavy hair types.

Source: Instagram @mydaughtershair

This hairstyle entails the hair cut in two layers at the bottom, with a forehead French braid tied at the front of the hair.

The Straight Cut with Bow Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @hairstyleelysse

If you as a parent are looking for a simple but elegant hairstyle for your child, then this one is the perfect one to choose. Whether your child has a role to play at her annual day or maybe she is going to her friend’s birthday party, this hairstyle will look absolutely gorgeous and your little girl will look super adorable.

Source: Instagram @thetwinklebow

This hair cut requires a simple and classic straight cut, with a little hair taken from the sides to the back of the head and pinned up with a bow to enhance the look.

The Classic Cut with Bun and Bow Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @girlymadethings

If your child is one of the viewers of the young YouTuber, dancer and singer JoJo Siwa’s channel, I’m sure she would be fascinated with the bow hairstyle she wears, because it looks super cute and is totally trending these days.

Source: Instagram @ simply_styling_

The best part of getting this hairstyle is that since the final look requires that the hair be tied up into a bun to place the bow into, you can literally get any classic hairstyle of your choice or maybe even your little girl can choose a classic style for herself. You can choose from classic styles like the straight cut, the U-cut, a simple step cut or a layered cut.

The Straight Cut with Sausage Ponytail Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @ brunewicz.hs

This style looks so funky and fashionable, that your child will for sure become popular among her schoolmates. 

Source: Instagram @fannyco_hairandmakeup

This style also lets you get your daughter either a straight cut or even a U-cut, that needs to be styled into a simple sausage ponytail.

The U-Cut with Bubble Braids Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @hairstyleelysse

I really like the look of these bubble braids. They look super cute and so fashionable. All this style needs is for your child to have her hair grown out and cut into a simple U-cut and styled with a center parting so that the sides of the hair can be braided into the bubble braids hairstyle.

Source: Instagram @aprilemmahair

The best thing about getting your child a U-cut is that this haircut is very versatile and will look good on any hair type and hair length. You can also style your child’s hair in different ways with just this haircut.

The Straight Cut with Top Bun and Bow Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @hairstyleelysse

Parents, I am sure that if you get your child this haircut, she is going to look even more like the princess she already is!

Source: Instagram @ifashion_daily

All you need to do is get your child a nice straight cut and then let her natural curls take over. With a nice straight cut, your child’s curls will look more enhanced and fall perfectly over her back, while you can switch up the style by tying a little of her hair into a small bun at the top and style it with a bow.

The A-Line Bob Haircut

Source: Instagram @topnotchsalon_

Whenever I see an A-Line Bob, the first person that comes to my mind is the singer, Rihanna. Back in the day, she got this haircut and simply rocked the style and I’m sure that if you get your daughter this haircut now, she will look super cute too! This haircut looks best on those with straighter hair types and longer face cuts.

Source: Instagram @creativehair_byjackie

This haircut entails a short bob cut ending near the neck at the back, which gradually gets longer towards the front of the face, which makes the cheekbones look more defined.

The Simple Pixie Haircut

Source: Instagram @audalia.creative

Pixie cuts are totally trending these days and they look super good on anyone! Be it, adults or children, the pixie cut will definitely get eyes turning in your direction.

Source: Instagram @leashawhair

So if you want your child to be the cynosure of all eyes, then get her this cute little pixie cut. It not just looks adorable but is also super easy to maintain. This style can be worn on any outfit and to any occasion, including to school.

The Layered Waves Haircut

Source: Instagram @redpocketrocket

What I love about this haircut is that it makes the facial features look so pronounced. This haircut is simple and elegant and looks very cute, especially if your child has wavy or curly hair.

Source: Instagram @myamacdonald2017

This hair cut requires the curly hair to be cut in layers and styled with a side parting, so that the curls are moreover one side than the other, making the curls look very defined and classy. Also, this hairstyle is one that can be worn to any occasion and can be braided into two braids, to go with your child’s school uniform as well.

The Blunt Cut With 4 Type Curls

Source: Instagram @melanin_dsignz

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of children with straight hair getting this blunt cut, but did you know that a blunt cut with 4 types of curls will look just as pretty?

Source: Instagram @sofia_mavambu

Yes indeed, this blunt cut has been a style fashioned for ages but still looks so perfect. This hairstyle is super easy to get and also to maintain, while the best way to style it is with a center parting, letting the hair fall evenly at the back and over the sides of the face.

The Classic Bob Cut With Ponytail Hairstyle

Source: Instagram @finnisnicky

When I look at any child with this haircut, I immediately reminisce my childhood days, because as someone with curly hair, this style was something that even I personally liked to be dressed up with.

Source: Instagram @sharney.grant

This haircut entails a classic bob cut, which can either be left and brushed into a ruffled look or can even be combed into a half up half down ponytail. This haircut will suit those children with wavy to curly hair the best.

The Curly-haired Bob Cut With Double Ponytails Hairstyle 

Source: Instagram @jadelynnsfashion

For all you parents with children having curly or very curly hair types, this hairstyle will suit your child very well. All you need to get done is a lovely short bob cut and to style it, you can simply center part of your child’s hair and tie it up with two high ponytails on either side.

Source: Instagram @alaiabre

You can also just brush out your child’s hair once it is cut into a bob and leave it without parting it or tying ponytails. Trust me, it will still look just as good either way!

The Classic Straight Cut

Source: Instagram @blisss_hair_salon

As a parent, I’m sure some of you might be looking out for a simple, yet cute hair cut so that you can brush your child’s hair with no hassle every morning when sending her to school.

Source: Instagram @roselyeeizabella

So a simple haircut right? Well, what haircut can be better than the classic straight cut! This hair cut requires the hair to be cut in a leveled bottom and styled with just a center parting with the hair left to fall evenly at the back and along both sides of the face. This haircut suits children with any face cut, while can also be done with any hair type and length.

The Short Bob Cut With Curly hair

Source: Instagram @acoley88

While some of us with straight hair have to use curling irons to get the perfect curls, some children with curly hair already have them! So what better way to show your little’s girl’s curls off, than getting her a short bob cut.

Source: Instagram @curlsamore

The bob cut will give your child’s curls a more defined look because curls form easily on shorter hair. The classic short bob cut will let her curls fall loosely all over the sides of her head and to enhance the style, all you need to do is run your fingers through her hair to give the style a more ruffled look.

The Final Takeaway

So, parents, I hope this article has helped you pick the cutest haircut you want to get for your child, while also styling it with the best hairstyle.

There are many haircuts out there and different ways you can style your child’s hair with. So, you can choose one and maybe even combine two types of haircuts, to get your child a style of her own. Have fun experimenting, give some haircuts your own tweak to it and I’m sure your little girl will look absolutely pretty in her all-new look!

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