Can You Use Purple Shampoo for Purple Hair?

Naturally, you can wash your hair with purple shampoo if it is already that hue. You should be aware, however, that purple shampoo was not developed for the reason that you have in mind.

After bleaching your hair, undesirable colors such as a brassy yellow may appear in your strands. This product was formulated to eliminate these colors.

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However, as purple shampoos began to gain popularity all over the world, the fashion of dying one’s hair in fantastical hues, like purple, also began to emerge.

After that, a lot of people thought that they could revive or extend the color of the purple dye in their hair by using a shampoo that was purple.

As a result, finding a shampoo made specifically for purple hair is a better option. The shampoo in question is the one responsible for the pigmentation in your mane.

Continue reading for more information if you’d want to learn more about using purple shampoo on purple hair.

Can you use purple shampoo on purple hair?

Your hair won’t be harmed by purple shampoo, however its pigments are considerably lighter. Therefore, it will not revitalize the color of your purple in the same manner that it normally does.

It is recommended that you use a shampoo that deposits color because it contains more purple pigments and will help your hair retain the color longer.

How can you preserve the color of your purple hair?

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Use a color depositing shampoo

You can extend the life of the color of your hair by using shampoo with a purple hue. Purple shampoo’s pigments, on the other hand, are extremely light. Therefore, it is possible that you may not achieve the effect that you are seeking, which is to rejuvenate your color.

It’s crucial to understand how the purple toning shampoo differs from the color depositing shampoo. To avoid totally altering the natural color of the hair, toning shampoos include a lower concentration of the pigment purple.

The more purple pigments you use to dye your hair, the more bright and strong the color will be. Only shampoos that deposit color on the hair will have that ingredient.

In order to get the greatest results when it comes to keeping your hair’s purple color intact, you should opt for shampoos with a higher pigmentation level.

Limit Heat Styling

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The use of hot styling equipment can cause significant damage to hair that is dyed brightly. Heat styling tools like curling wands, straightening irons, and blow dryers generate the heat necessary to open the cuticle and release color from the hair. 

When applying heat to your hair, you should lower the temperature of your hot tools and always use a heat protectant. This will help reduce the amount of fading that occurs.

Avoid swimming

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Swimming pool chlorine has a bleaching effect, which can hasten the process of fading and affect the color of our magnificent purple hair.

Always remember to protect your hair from harsh chemicals like chlorine by swimming while wearing a swim cap.

To lessen the quantity of chlorine absorbed by your hair while swimming in a public pool, we recommend using a product like AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense.

Avoid exposure to the sun

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If you don’t protect your hair from the sun, prolonged exposure to its rays might cause the color of any hair to fade more quickly.

To prevent UV rays from harming your violet hair, you should stay away from the sun as much as possible and constantly use sunscreen. When you go outside into the sunlight, make sure to protect your hair by wearing a hat.

How to use color depositing shampoos?

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It is extremely easy to use this kind of shampoo, but you need to limit how often you do so in order to prevent your hair from becoming overly saturated with color.

Wearing gloves and applying petroleum jelly to your hairline are recommended precautions while using color-depositing shampoos.

Applying a lather to your hair and scalp in the same manner as you would with a shampoo is the best way to use this product.

For best results, let the shampoo sit for the suggested amount of time (usually three to five minutes), but be sure to check the packaging for specific directions.

A number of these shampoos should only be used occasionally at the most. Take, for example, Keracolor Condition, which, because of the high concentration of violet pigments it includes, should only be applied to the hair once or twice per week at the most.

How often should you use color depositing shampoos?

Even when your hair is dried, you still run the risk of staining your sheets, towels, and clothing with the purple pigments that will be present in your hair. If you truly care about the state of your bedding, you won’t use this shampoo incorrectly.

Once or twice per week is the ideal frequency for using an intensely pigmented color depositing shampoo.

You can use a color depositing shampoo up to three or four times each week if you select one that has a lower level of pigmentation than most other brands.

Can color depositing shampoos damage your hair?

The hair will not be lightened or bleached by color-depositing shampoos because these processes, which include chemical processing, are responsible for the most harm to the hair.

If the color-depositing shampoo you choose is the one that will best assist you in accomplishing your desired hair color, then it is perfectly fine to apply it to your hair at home without any concerns.

In addition, the shampoo’s color pigment may not be as strong as that used by your hair colorist, which is why it is an excellent alternative for maintaining your coloring.

This means that after using a deep conditioner or a hair mask, it’s always a good idea to use another hydrating one.


If you want the purple to remain in your hair for a longer period of time, it is recommended that you use a shampoo that deposits color because these shampoos have a bigger quantity of pigments in the purple hue.

Utilizing a shampoo that deposits color is going to be the most beneficial thing for your hair, which is currently dyed purple. You’ll be able to extend the life of the color by using this method.

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