Best Ionic Hair Brushes 2022 Review

Today, I want to discuss an ion hair brush. Many of us faced the situation when your hair looks a little bit messy and electrified. Why does it happen? The answer is ions. Do you know that our hair has positive and negative ions? They make our locks soft, bright, and natural. It is not … Read more

Best Blue Hair Dyes – Latest Review and Buying Guide

best blue hair dyes

Over the years, I have grown my passion for hair by attending classes and becoming a certified stylist. Having my salon has allowed me to work on a variety of colors and cuts. I have witnessed first-hand the positive effects of using quality dyes on hair. Today, I review 10 products that everyone should consider … Read more

Best Hair Cutting Shears for a Stunning Look

Best Hair Cutting Shears

Taking care of our appearance is among the main priorities for both men and women. In my view, hair is the paramount accessory that enhances our look and makes people more trendy and stylish. I adore working with hair, creating various styles and haircuts. I remember the times when I experimented a lot and tried … Read more

Hair Roller vs. Curls Iron – What Should You Choose?

It is a common thing that girls with straight hair dream of having gorgeous curls on their heads. Hollywood movies of different years presented beauties with fabulous curl hairstyles, such as Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Marlene Dietrich and many other actresses from Hollywood’s Golden Age, create an image of a dream look for generations of … Read more

Best Hot Air Brushes for Perfect Hairstyle

Taking care of ourselves is the main priority of each woman. We do our best to stay beautiful, and taking care of our hair is one of the crucial parts of our daily routine. Whether we go to a party or go to work, we want our hair to look as nice as possible. We … Read more

The History of Hair Balms

The fact that we have to endure our hair daily is beyond description. We wash them in chlorinated water, hastily dry them with a hair dryer, go out without a hat in the cold, do not protect from the scorching sun. Not surprisingly, after such a hair becomes dull and brittle. It is quite difficult … Read more

Smooth Hair: Hair Balsam or Conditioner?

In ancient times, people used different hair styling oils. In the Victorian era, pasta oil was popular, and it was too fat to contain a special substance called anti-macassar. Modern air conditioners were created on the basis of the 20th century: in 1900, the famous perfumer Edouard Pinod was presented at the World Exhibition in … Read more

A hair balsam: why you need it and how to use it

If you want to have healthy hear, we recommend washing hair with balsam or conditioner. Try co-washing, as well! Co-washing is an abbreviation for Conditioner Only washing.

This is very gentle care, which you should try if you have dry, weak, damaged hair or hair after using best curling wand. This way of washing the hair is also popular among girls with the sensitive scalp, that reacts with surfactants in shampoos.

How to wake sleeping bulbs up and make hair grow faster

There are many situations when you want to increase your hair growth. You do not like your short hair anymore, you have a bad haircut or so on. Reasons can be different.

But did you know, that part of the hair follicles is in a resting phase until it becomes to grow? Sometimes the resting period is delayed for a long time. Thank god, there are many ways to wake hair follicles up – massage, burning masks, salon procedures.

Three Straightening Brushes Worth Buying

The morning of every woman begins not with coffee, but with the daily ritual near the mirror. The hairdo is the first item on the to-do list. And this is the most important point because the hairstyle can be used to judge the character of a person, emphasize attractive features and hide weaknesses. It will be great if such a complicated procedure would take quite a bit of time.

This is the aspiration of every woman. And these dreams were embodied by the creators of the best hair straightening brush. Such an innovative device

Why does dandruff appear?

Dandruff on the head, unfortunately, is not just a cosmetic defect. Its appearance is caused by deeper disturbances in the body and is often accompanied by hair loss or the deceleration of hair growth.

Dandruff affects the oily hair more often than other hair types because it is associated with seborrhea. The appearance of dandruff has a mass of indirect and immediate causes. Let’s figure them out.

Peeling the head skin at home

Peeling is an essential component of skin care. This procedure is especially beneficial for oily scalp, that is prone to the formation of dandruff. To do this, there are special gel-peels and shampoos for deep cleaning of the scalp and salon procedures with unique components. We will share home hair products for skin peeling with you below.

Flat Irons for just about every spending budget and mind of hair

Flat irons are accessible to complement the pocket of everyone depending upon the type, producer and qualities you are looking for. The modern wild hair straighteners are extremely priced CHI ceramic flat iron when in comparison using the conventional types and that was for the most part merely because from the decrease high quality from the resources that experienced been used in them.

Essential Hair Care Tips and Hairbrush Guide

Our hair is the crown of our heads, many times it’s the first thing people notice about us and for many women, hair care is not only essential and crucial but can be problematic. Many issues can affect the hair, such as dryness, damage from hairdryers and coloring, frizziness, split ends, and other irritating stuff that makes our hair look not so good.