14 Best Orange Wigs to Buy on Amazon 2024 | Long Short Orange Wigs with Bangs

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Many dream of having beautiful thick hair, doing various hairstyles and styling, and being able to feel different every day. However, not everyone has naturally beautiful hair; unfortunately, some have lost their curls due to illness. But this is not a reason to limit your desires. The beauty industry offers many wig options that satisfy everyone’s tastes and needs.

I love orange, so I researched what is the best orange wig on the market today. My favorite is the RDY Orange Lace Front Wig. Read on to learn what other models you can pick for everyday wear and fun parties.

Top 14 Best Orange Wigs Reviewed

Below you will find detailed reviews of 14 various wigs, and I also included a list of their pros and cons.

1. RDY Orange Lace Front: Best Orange Lace Front Wig

I will admit it right away: I became the party queen when I went to a friend’s birthday in this gorgeous orange curly wig made of Swiss lace. It has a medium cap, 22-22.5 inches in circumference, which fit me perfectly, 24 inches in length. However, if necessary, you might adjust the size using the straps and 3 combs. Even though it is a synthetic fiber, it looks pretty natural: hair is full, 150% density, without an artificial shine. I did not take it off all weekend, I was in it in the lake, and it stayed in perfect condition. I highly recommend this model to anyone looking for a quality bright glueless long orange wig.

Pros: Cons:
  • Matte texture perfectly imitates natural hair;
  • The lace is 4 inches; you might make the parting as you like.
  • Thermal fiber for styling (withstands up to 320 °F);
  • The lace front is invisible even from a close distance;
  • Suitable for everyday wear and loud events.
  • Like all synthetic wigs, this one gets tangled; it is a normal process.

Woman with RDY Orange Lace Front

2. BESTUNG Synthetic Lace Front: Best Dark Orange Wig

If you prefer a more muted shade closer to a natural one, I advised checking out this 24-inch copper red wig. It is suitable both for a costume party and for everyday wear. You can feel the high quality of the synthetic fiber from the first touch: the hair of the wig is soft, pleasant, and quite realistic. Thanks to the adjustable straps and 3 combs, this accessory might be worn by people with different head sizes. I happily lent this wig to my colleague looking for a Halloween look. It provided a beautiful outfit and memories of the event.

Pros: Cons:
  • A pleasant muted copper-red shade;
  • Heat resistance (320 °F);
  • 2.5-inch lace front;
  • Natural look and touch;
  • Adjustable straps.
  • The front line may seem unnaturally flat. If necessary, you might correct it by plucking a few hairs.

Woman with long orange wig

3. ANDRIA Bob Lace Front: Best Ginger Orange Wig for a Low Price

First of all, this wavy wig attracts with its low price, but this is not its only advantage. It looks natural if it is styled correctly. Children’s hairs are used on the hair growth line, adding naturalness. After wearing it, you might think you have returned from the hairdresser. Since the accessory has a haircut, you might not have dared to. The length of the fibers is 14 inches, and the size of the cap is 22-22.5 inches. I noticed that the wig has a good density but weighs only about 300 grams. It might be optimal for those looking for a good budget wig.

Pros: Cons:
  • Low price;
  • Heat-resistant fiber;
  • Flexible, having the adjustable cap;
  • Easy care.
  • The wig might look plastic due to incorrect styling;
  • If you prefer bouncy curls, this wig might seem flat in the back for you.

ANDRIA wig on the woman

4. MERISIHAIR Short: Best Orange Bob Wig

Ready for radical changes? Then you should pay attention to this model that may add sparkle to every woman’s life. This breathable soft 11-inch short straight bob wig will help you design a charming, stylish look. Such models are also called Egyptian because you will look like Cleopatra wearing them! You might adjust the length of the bangs yourself or with a hairdresser. The MERISIHAIR brand uses a new 100% heat-resistant synthetic fiber to create quality accessories, so you may style according to your preferences. In addition, a convenient adjustment system will save time.

Pros: Cons:
  • Pleasant silky texture;
  • Easy to put on and adjust;
  • Breathable mesh cap;
  • The set includes two wig caps.
  • The mesh cap may seem stiff.

MERISIHAIR Short on the manequin

5. Beauty Forever #88J Lace Part: Best Orange Wig Human Hair

Beauty Forever was founded 23 years ago in China as a small local textile enterprise. Today, it is known worldwide as a supplier of quality and stylish human hair products. The brand’s mission is to bring beauty to the world, and thanks to its elegant models, this is entirely possible. This burnt orange wig might be perfect for those who want to welcome autumn in its bright color. This 18-inch Brazilian human hair wig will allow you to create different hairstyles. You will appreciate its density and neatness and the soft ends of the fiber, as if after visiting a beauty salon.

Pros: Cons:
  • An experienced brand;
  • Human hair fibers;
  • Lacing 4×4 inches;
  • Easy care;
  • Classic style is suitable for wearing in any situation.
  • Curls after winding do not last as long as desired;
  • The item may seem too shiny if you prefer a muted tone.

Beauty Forever wig on the woman

6. QD-Tizer Ginger Wave: Best Orange Wig With Bangs

In the 12 years since the brand was founded, its team has created more than 1,000 wigs of various styles and colors, satisfying the thirst of thousands of girls, including mine, to look spectacular. The brand offers fashionable synthetic wigs of premium beauty at an affordable price, which are incredibly similar to natural hair. This model is made without lace and has a soft plastic detail in the center to simulate the scalp. The wig is 22 inches in length and has flowing bangs. You might use the curling iron to design new looks since the fiber is heat-resistant.

Pros: Cons:
  • A classic style that will suit any age;
  • Having bang;
  • Heat-resistant fiber;
  • Budget price.
  • This is not a lace wig;
  • The item may shed.

Orange wig on the stock

7. Andromeda Curly: Best Orange Afro Wig

The ANDROMEDA brand specializes in synthetic curly wigs, strictly adhering to quality standards and fashion trends. Therefore, it is natural to turn to it if you want to create an original look in the Afro style, which those around you will remember. Fiber length is 12 inches; cap size is 20.5-22.5 inches. The wig is heat-resistant with 2 straps for adjustment and does not require combing. You only need to raise tight curls with your fingers to create the hairstyle of your dreams.

Pros: Cons:
  • Tight curls that do not fall apart;
  • Breathable pink mesh;
  • Suitable for long-term use.
  • Sometimes, it requires adjusting to your face type: to make up a natural hairline, you need to trim strands;
  • Curls might stay messy no matter how you style them.

Woman with Andromeda Curly

8. Netgo Fire: Best Ombre Orange Lace Front Wig

For more than 10 years, the Netgo design team has been studying global trends and making up-to-date and practical wigs for any occasion. A cosplay party or a fashion photo session — the choice is yours. Wherever I wear this wig, I always get lots of lovely compliments. The brand encourages you to take care of your hair and experiment with synthetic accessories rather than with your curls. The Netgo Fire model with long wavy curls is probably the best for this purpose. Heat-resistant fibers, soft and silky, can be twisted even more or, on the contrary, straightened.

Pros: Cons:
  • Fashionable ombre coloring attracts attention;
  • The length allows you to experiment with styling;
  • It is fixed on the head without pins and ribbons;
  • The size can be adjusted;
  • Good fiber density.
  • The wig can become very tangled; use a conditioner for synthetic hair to prevent it.

Manequin on the Netgo Fire

9. Missyvan: Best Orange-Red Wig

Sometimes it is difficult to find a wig of the exact shade you are dreaming of. This rich red-orange color will impress the most demanding fashionistas and might become the accent of your look. Everyone can try this accessory, but the burnt orange wig on a black girl looks unsurpassed. My friend is delighted with this purchase. The uniqueness of this model is in its composition: consisting of 90% heat-resistant synthetic fiber and 10% human hair. Baby hair provides a natural hairline in the front. The length of 22 inches allows you to create a romantic style.

Pros: Cons:
  • 10% of human hair in the composition;
  • Resistant to high temperatures;
  • Hair density is 180%;
  • Comfortable elastic net.
  • The wig might become over frizzy;
  • If you like voluminous hair, better look at other models.

Woman on the street

10. Wigoddess Straight Lace Front: Best Burnt Orange Lace Front Wig

That is another version of the long orange wig, this time from the Wigoddess factory. The 22-inch model is highly comfortable, thanks to the 100% breathable pink mesh. You might put it on in the morning and wear it during the day without feeling like you have something fixed on your head. It might be an excellent option for a date or a costume event like Christmas. To change the look, you might straighten or wind fiber because it is heat-resistant. The wig is inexpensive and fully justifies its quality, and looks natural.

Pros: Cons:
  • A lace front wig;
  • Adjustable straps;
  • Breathable mesh;
  • Thick fibers;
  • Budget price.
  • The product might become very tangled and shed.

Manequin with orange wig

11. Giannay Lace Front: Best Ginger Orange Lace Front Wig

This model will be a real finding for those looking for their amazing orange curly wig. Imagine how beautiful it will shine in the sun! The Giannay brand has been specializing in front lace for 5 years, which is appreciated for its convenience and inconspicuous attachment. The design involves a natural hairline of children’s hair and elegant heat-resistant fibers, hand-tied with soft and durable Swiss lace. The wig length is 24 inches. The package included one lace front wig, one pair of eyelashes, one lace front wig, and one wig cap.

Pros: Cons:
  • Swiss front lace;
  • Hair density 180%;
  • Adjustable straps and 3 combs;
  • Gifts included (a pair of eyelashes or a wig cap).
  • The lace could be more robust.

Showcase of red wigs

12. Linfairy Unisex Red: Best Short Orange Wig

Wigs with short hair are undeservedly overlooked. However, they are a seductive accessory for cosplay parties or everyday wearing. Firstly, this is a unisex model. Secondly, short fibers are easier to care for; thirdly, this product is ideal for styling. The item has a fiber length of approximately 14 inches and is designed for a head circumference of 21-24 inches. Improved internal mesh structure (chrysanthemum) with adjustable straps provides breathability and comfort.

Pros: Cons:
  • Unisex model;
  • Heat-resistant fiber;
  • Soft fibers look natural;
  • Comfort in wearing.
  • The item often requires extra styling;
  • Color may vary due to inherent manufacturing variations.

Short orange wig

13. BLG Lace Front: Best Dark Orange Wig

Thanks to their low price, synthetic wigs might be bought almost every holiday. Instead, natural chignons are likely a more conscious purchase. Cosmetic brand BLG offers a stylish orange red wig made from 100% Brazilian natural human hair. Products are manufactured in a factory in China. The brand cares about naturalness in every detail: the transparent Swiss lace front, 13×4 inches, suits all skin tones and might be parted anywhere. 150% density and fits the length, 20 inches. This wig can be styled, braided, dyed, etc. However, it is recommended not to heat the hair above 302 °F. Like natural human hair, a chignon might burn.

Pros: Cons:
  • 100% human hair;
  • Transparent lace front;
  • No shedding or tangling;
  • The possibility of repainting.
  • Laying does not last as long as desired;
  • The high price.

Woman with BLG Lace Front

14. Mildiso: Best Bright Orange Wig

This copper wig with long wavy hair has a stylish design and looks very organic. Heat-resistant fiber, soft to the touch, allows you to realize any hairstyle ideas. 100% breathable pink mesh and light weight will make you feel comfortable even during the day. You might wear a chignon to the office, a birthday, a wedding, or themed parties. In addition, it might be a good gift for those who appreciate both emotional and practical presents. The main thing is to guess the size. The comfortable hat is 21.5-22.5 inches and has 2 adjustable straps.

Pros: Cons:
  • Stylish design;
  • Heat-resistant fiber;
  • Soft and silky;
  • Realistic look.
  • Trimming the wig for a more natural look and texture is recommended.

Mildiso on the manequin

Best Orange Wig: Buyer’s Guide

Sometimes one picture on the website is not enough to decide which wig is right for you. Let’s take a closer look at what types of wigs there are and how to care for them so you can more easily decide on a choice.

What Kind of Wigs Are There?

There are 3 types of wigs on the market today:


Natural wigs are made from natural hair that undergoes thorough and long-term processing. Raw materials are collected from healthy donors, sorted by color, length, and width, disinfected, washed and dried, and sometimes polished. The materials are usually supplied from Europe, Asia, and India. European strands are in the greatest demand due to their light color and fine hair structure.

Today, there is a vast selection of ready-made human hair wigs of any color and design, including a special orange and blonde wig, which you might buy online or offline. The main thing is to decide which of the presented options will best fit you or allow you to change your look.

There is another option — you might order an individual orange lace front wig. However, if you plan to wear a wig for a specific event, you should deal with this issue in advance. To do this, you need to go to the salon, where they will take your measurements and listen to all your wishes regarding the future accessory. Making a custom wig is painstaking work that can take several months.

Such a wig will cost a lot. However, if you take good care of it, it might last from 2 to 5 years. Such an accessory may be washed, styled, dried, dyed, and trimmed — do all the same manipulations as with natural hair.

Orange wig on the woman

Synthetic (artificial)

Products made of synthetic materials differ primarily in quality. These might be budget models for special events. Do you dream of wearing a spectacular neon orange wig on Halloween? Such a fantasy model is likely already waiting for you on the store shelf. There are also other options that you can wear every day for some time and not worry about your appearance.

Artificial wigs, like natural hair, require care. Besides, they often get tangled and shed. At the same time, it might be a great inexpensive option to experiment with changing your image and impress your friends at parties. It might also solve the problem of bad hair or its absence. Almost all modern models are heat-resistant and allow you to style, straighten them, etc. If you provide proper care, a synthetic orange red wig might practically not differ from options made of natural hair.


If you are looking for a middle ground, consider mixed-type wigs — models made from half synthetic and natural hair. In addition, there are options with other proportions of synthetic and human hair.

Kanekalon products

This type of wig appeared in Japan and quickly spread around the world. Kanekalon is a synthetic fiber based on seaweed; its composition and quality are perfect for making wig fibers. These accessories look natural and are similar to healthy human hair. It is worth noting that kanekalon wigs are durable. They might be worn throughout the year and keep their shape and look good.

Orange wig in front of curtain

Care of Synthetic Wigs

Caring for synthetic wigs is not tricky, but you should know some features of this process to avoid damaging your accessory.

Washing (once a month recommended):

  1. Carefully wash the product in cool water with mild shampoo and conditioner. To do this, dip it in water several times.
  2. Remove excess moisture by gently wrapping the wig in a towel.
  3. Put it on the mannequin for final drying and preservation of the original style.
  4. When the wig is dry, spray the hair with shine or conditioner to remove the frizz and brush it lightly. Comb long wigs from top to bottom.


  1. Do not spray gel water and wax on the wig, as it will make it greasy.
  2. Before using hot curlers on the wig, spray water mist first.
  3. To reduce excess frizz, use a shine spray or wig spray, then comb gently.
  4. Try not to use pins to avoid damaging the mesh.


  1. Store the wig on a stand or mannequin in a dry and cool place.
  2. You can also put the product in a hair net and a plastic bag.


FAQ About Best Orange Wigs

If you are about buying a wig but still have some questions. Read this section to find the answers to beginners’ most commonly asked questions.

What Brand Has the Best Wigs?

After numerous experiments with different wigs and manufacturers, I settled on the RDY brand, which suited me in terms of price and quality. It produces bright wigs that look natural and remain comfortable even during long wear and activities.

What Are the Advantages of Artificial Wigs Over Natural Ones?

Synthetic wigs are usually lighter than natural ones, especially wigs with long hair, and they also have a wider color range. Do not forget as well that synthetic hair usually is cheaper.

Manequin on the stock

How Much Should a Good Wig Cost?

It all depends on your needs and wishes. For instance, ready-to-wear wigs might range from $50 to $200, a lace front wig from $150 to over $400; a full lace wig might cost from $200 to $600. At the same time, you might choose a high-quality wig for less money and, with reasonable care, have a beautiful accessory that is not inferior to more expensive models.

Is a Wig a Good Idea?

Everyone has their reason for buying or not buying a wig. But if you’re determined to let something new into your life, I recommend checking out my review of over a dozen bright orange wigs in various designs. Consider getting the brilliant RDY model if you want an orange lace front wig. So that it does not happen around, it is essential to feel comfortable, have a good mood, and bring beauty into this world.

Have you ever worn a wig? If you wanted to change your image, which wig would you choose? Please share your thoughts with us!

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