Best Ionic Hair Brushes 2023 Review

Today, I want to discuss an ion hair brush. Many of us faced the situation when your hair looks a little bit messy and electrified. Why does it happen? The answer is ions.

Do you know that our hair has positive and negative ions? They make our locks soft, bright, and natural. It is not a secret: this is how it should be and this is how it is. When we wash or brush our hair we break this balance by removing the negative ions.

As a result, our locks start to look messy and chaotic. To avoid this, fashion technologists invented the ionic technology that aims to return this balance. Most probably, you have already faced it while selecting the hair dryers.

But this technology is applied not only in dryers but also in other hair tools, including hair brushes. What the ionic hair brush does is simply add the negative ions to your locks again! So, in this article, we will discuss all the nuances related to hair brushes, how to choose them, and use. Stay tuned!

TOP-6 Best Ionic Hair Brushes

BIO IONIC Bluewave Nanoionic Conditioning...
Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion XL Pro Hair...
Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Aluminum...
BIO IONIC Bluewave Nanoionic Conditioning...
Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion XL Pro Hair...
Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Aluminum...
BIO IONIC Bluewave Nanoionic Conditioning...
BIO IONIC Bluewave Nanoionic Conditioning...
Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion XL Pro Hair...
Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion XL Pro Hair...
Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Aluminum...
Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Aluminum...

Before we move on, I want to talk more about ion hair brush. What is it? And how this tool can help you to keep your locks smooth and bright. As I wrote in the introduction paragraph, ionic brush is the tool that activates the negative ions in your hair. Although they look like a normal brush, they have some notable and important differences.

First of all, they require electricity to work as the negative ions can be activated only under the heat. The second difference is the bristles. We used to think that they are soft and, in the vast majority of cases, made from plastic. But it is not a case with a negative ion brush. All of them use the heat-conducting materials, such as ceramic. Hence, bristles in ionic brushes are solid.

Unlike the common hair brushes, ionic brushes can be used even after a shower when your locks are wet and prone to damage. But note, that for such cases you need to buy a special brush that is big in size. So, I suggest not to dwell a lot on the theory and move to practice. Below, I gathered seven of my favorite ionic brushes. Describing each of them, I will also cover the situations when it can be used. Let’s start!

1. BIO IONIC Bluewave Nanoionic Conditioning Brush — Best Ionic Hair Brush for Volume Effect

BIO IONIC is one of the most popular and well-known companies in the fashion industry. It exclusively specializes only in heating products manufacturing. There are four categories on the site: hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and hair brushes. I like the companies that specialize in producing only one thing – that means that they do it with passion.

You can often meet BIO IONIC’s products at various fashion weeks and other important events from the world of fashion. Stylists like their hair tools because they are extra-quality and are sold at affordable prices. Moreover, BIO IONIC opened an online school to help every girl to become a stylist at home. On their official site, you can find the menu item “HOW TO”. Open it and enjoy hundreds of available tutorials and guides on how to do various hairstyles.

Now, let’s return to Bluewave Nanoionic Conditioning Brush. I have to admit that this is the best brush I have ever used. It is available in four sizes: small, medium, large, and x-large. One disadvantage is that this ionic brush is quite expensive and costs about $30. In most situations, I use a medium brush, so here I will briefly describe it. BIO IONIC hair brush has a square round barrel and medium-size diameter. As you know I have straight and long hair.

Commonly, such types of locks lack volume, so it constantly has to be artificially created during styling. This brush is perfect for this. One secret, use a BIO IONIC brush with an ionic dryer.

  • Type: conditioning brush;
  • Shape: round;
  • Main function: creates various styles.
  • contains natural nano-ionic mineral complex;
  • available in several sizes;
  • it can be delivered around the world;
  • use this brush for every hair type.
  • expensive;
  • it is not shipped to all countries and regions.

2. Medium Ceramic Ion Thermal Barrel Brush — Great Natural Brush for Heat Styling

The next ion round brush I want to introduce you to is produced by Osensia. I always mention this brand when I talk about hair care products as the company is well-known for using only natural ingredients. For example, today it is very hard to find shampoos or conditioners without sulfate. This salt is often used to create more foam on your locks. However, along with this, sulfates are very harmful to your hair and lead to their fragility and drying out.

All hair care lines created by Osenia are sulfate-free and contain only natural ingredients. As such, your hair looks healthy and nothing damages them during washing. In addition, if you are looking for the products that have never been tested on animals, then Osenia is definitely the brand you need to try. Along with the liquid hair care products, the company manufactures electric styling tools that aim to renew, repair, and revive the damaged hair. Among them is Medium Ceramic Ion Thermal Barrel brush, which I will discuss in more detail below.

This brush is available in four sizes. Unlike the brush by Olivia Gardens the maximum size the bristle has is two inch. But it is sufficient even for curly locks. I use the brush with 1.7 inch bristles for styling straight and long hair. With this ionized hair brush, you can easily create volume within a couple of minutes.

Moreover, it has a thermal barrel that prevents heating the overall brush and, as a result, burning face or hands. Buying the brush by Osenia, you also get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The company said that they will refund or change the styling tool no matter which problem with the device occurs.

  • Type: styling brush;
  • Shape: round;
  • Main function: creates volume and straight locks.
  • cheap;
  • beautiful design;
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • only available in four sizes;
  • the tool is available in one color only.

3. Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Xl Pro Hair Brush — Best Square Ionic Hairbrush

Another ceramic ionic hair brush by Olivia Garden on my list. But the first square ionic tool! So, as we previously have already discussed the company and its products, I will not dwell on the stories about Olivia Garden. Let’s better discuss the square ionic styling brush and how it differs from the round one.

Round brushes have long been established as a standard for the entire fashion industry, since square ones appeared relatively recently. However, frankly speaking, they are not particularly different. You can do the same styling using a square brush as with a round one.

For example, twist curls, create volume or straighten hair. However, a noticeable advantage of square brushes over round ones is that ventilation works much better in square brushes. In round combs, air is driven into the pipe and gradually warmed there, while in square ones nothing holds it up, so the air can easily go outside. This saves your hair from overheating.

This anti-static hair brush uses both ceramic and ionic technologies to renew your hair. In addition, it features an ergonomic snag-free handle and great ventilation system that provides a total airflow if you are going to use it with a hair dryer.

  • Type: styling brush;
  • Shape: square;
  • Main function: used for straightening or detangling.
  • this hairbrush uses ionic and ceramic technologies;
  • can be used for all hair type;
  • ergonomic design.
  • quite expensive;
  • available in a white color only.

4. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Round Brush — Negative Ion Brush for Quick Drying

Paul Mitchell is a good example of a great combination of entrepreneur and professional hair stylist. The company was founded in 1980 in America by two men: John Paul Jones DeJoria and Paul Mitchell (a few people know but the real name is Cyril Thomson Mitchell). The first one is an American billionaire and entrepreneur. However, his most famous and profitable business is still a Paul Mitchell company. Another co-founder Paul Mitchell is a famous Scotish American hair stylist.

Today, the company is one of the biggest producers of hair care products and various styling tools. By the way, beside the manufacturing business, Paul Mitchell also holds its own styling school with more than 100 locations around the world.

I like this company not only because all their products are high-quality and innovative, but also because they implement a lot of interesting and creative ideas that distinguish them from other companies in the fashion industry. For example, in 2016 Paul Mitchell partnered with YouCam Makeup and created the application that allows people to try different hair colors. Amazing!

Now, let’s dwell on the iron round brush that was created specially for express drying. It has an aluminum barrel and corkscrew bristles that help to minimize flyaways. The brush suits the best to create volumized curls bouncies. Like other brushes described above, this styling tool by Paul Mitchell has four sizes.

  • Type: styling brush;
  • Shape: round;
  • Main function: used for creating volume.
  • affordable price;
  • high-quality bristles;
  • created for quick drying.
  • it is not shipped to all countries;
  • available in one color only.

5. Detangling Brush Dry & Wet Ionic Nylon Hair Brush — Best Nylon Brush for Smooth Hair

This antistatic hair brush was manufactured by Osensia, a company that uses only natural ingredients in producing hair care products. I have already dwelled on the brand’s description above, so now I want to tell you more about one of their brushes, detangling brush dry & wet ionic nylon hair brush.

Unlike the previous brush, which is also manufactured by Osensia, it has a square form. Moreover, the bristles are very soft and contain 17 rare Earth elements to fulfill your locks with minerals. I often use this brush for kids or adults that have sensitive and tender scalps. The next clear advantage of a brush is its shape. Due to square shape, it vented well and is lightweight. So, you can easily use the brush while drying and do not worry about hair overheating.

This tool works great for men, women, kids, and is absolutely perfect for all hair types (straight, curly, damaged, etc). There are big spaces between bristles, so you can use the brush even after a shower when they are still wet. It gently combs the hair without damages. The only two disadvantages I see in this brush: first is that it is available in two sizes only, and the second is that styling tool is quite expensive.

  • Type: styling and drying brush;
  • Shape: square;
  • Main function: used for detangling your curls.
  • provides the ultimate mineral infuses;
  • well-vented;
  • prevents possible hair damages.
  • available in two sizes only;
  • quite expensive.

6. FIXBODY Boar Bristles Round Hair Brush — Good Ionic Brush for All Hair Types and Styling

FIXBODY is the company that became popular among the professionals not so long time ago. They produce various hair styling tools, makeup brushes sets, and products for manicures. Although the company’s assortment is not very large, all tools are high-quality and durable.

This round hair brush by FIXBODY is the last item I want to tell you about in this article. It is available in four sizes. As the minimum size of bristles is 2.2 inch, it works well for creating extra volume and handling curly hair. However, you can easily straighten your hair too using this tool. One notable difference of this brush compared to others on my list is that the bristles are boar.

A lot of people used to think that such kinds of bristles are short-lived and fall out quickly. However, this is not true. It all depends on the quality of the brush. For example, I have been using this tool for more than a year and have not noticed any problems with bristles loss. Moreover, boar bristles do not cause that much damage to your locks compared to ceramic or nylon.

  • Type: styling and drying brush;
  • Shape: round;
  • Main function: used for styling.
  • boar bristles that do not heat during blow drying;
  • affordable price;
  • ergonomic design;
  • nano ionic technology.
  • available in big sizes only;
  • it is not shipped to all countries and regions.

FAQ Section

I know that you still have many questions about ionic brushes in your heads. So, in this section I will try to summarize all of the above to structure your knowledge. Sorry if something repeats.

hair brush with ionic features

What Is an Ionic Hair Brush?

Anti-frizz ionic hair brush is the brush that aims to renew the ion balance in your hair. During the washing and blow drying, the locks lose their negative ions. As such, the hair starts to look messy, becomes very vulnerable, and tangles to the comb. With the ion brush, you should not worry about this problem anymore. Moreover, usually, you can use the brush even if your locks are still wet.

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Are Ionic Hair Brushes Safe?

Yes, the negative ion brush is completely safe for your hair. The manufacturers even add different rare minerals to bristles to make the brush even more effective for detangling your hair. As any styling tool, the brushes have many types and sizes. Depending on the particular type and size, you can do various hair styling.

Also, you know that the vast majority of ion hair brushes use electricity for heating. Do not worry about this! They do not heat like ironers, curlers or hair dryers. The temperatures are very low, so you can even touch the heated hair brush.

Which Brush Should I Choose for My Hair Type?

As I have mentioned previously, and as you have learned from my list of seven best ionic hair brushes, they are divided by size, bristles types, and shape. I will share more detailed information regarding the size of the hair brush below when answering the next question.

The bristles vary in materials they are made from. It can be nylon, ceramic, or boar. Each material suits all hair types. Finally, the shape can be square and round. The first one is vented better, so I strongly recommend you to use it while blow drying; while round brushes are perfect for creating volume, bounces, curls, etc.

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What Size Ionic Hair Brush Should I Choose for My Hair?

The brush’s size defines whether you can use the brush after a shower or not. Also, your hair type influences the size of brush you need to purchase. If you have rare, straight and damaged locks, then buy a small-size brush. And vice versa, if you have thick and curly hair, then you should definitely buy a large brush.

Do Ionic Hair Brushes Work?

Of course the ionic brushes work! As for me, I do not know a professional hair stylist who would not use the ionic brush for work. Once you try it, you will immediately notice how your hair starts to look better. Their shine, smoothness and healthy appearance will return to them. Moreover, the regular usage of ionic hair brushes makes your hair stronger and less prone to damage.

Still Can’t Decide on the Type of Ionic Hairbrush? Then, Ask the Questions!

In this guide to hair brushes, I tried to tell you about ionic hair brushes as much as possible: what it is, how to use a brush, and choose a proper one for purchasing. To summarize:

  • ionic hair brushes are differ in shapes, sizes and bristles’ types;
  • if you have straight and rare hair, then buy small-sized brushes;
  • big-sized brushes works well on curly and thick hair;
  • square ionic brushes are perfect for blow drying;
  • round brushes are used for creating different hair styling.

If you have never used ion hair brushes, I really recommend you to purchase one. Believe me, you will quickly notice the healthier look of your hair. By the way, do you have an experience of using ion brushes? If yes, what is your impression? Also, if you have any additional questions about my article or ion brushes, feel free to ask them in the comments section below!

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