Best Ginger Locs for Those Who Are in Trend

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Do you want to get many compliments, forget about daily hairstyling and be in trend? This is real! Choose the best ginger locs. Synthetic extensions allow you to create a new hairstyle quickly and protect natural hair. Ginger shades are popular this year. They are bright and juicy. Faux locs are similar to dreads but have easier installation. Stylists recommend wearing these extensions for 2-3 months. During this period, your hair is protected by additional strands from the harmful effects of external factors. Read my review to select the best option. All extensions are high-quality and handcrafted.

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Top 10 Best Ginger Locs

  1. [amazon link=”B08DKMDH4J” tracking_id=”hairma-20″ title=”ZRQ New Faux Locs” /]: Top Pick
  2. [amazon link=”B08L8JYSJN” tracking_id=”hairma-20″ title=”SamBraid New Soft Locs” /]: Runner-Up
  3. [amazon link=”B091PRQRCY” tracking_id=”hairma-20″ title=”BEkjdiof Goddess Locs” /]: Budget Choice
  4. [amazon link=”B08LDG6Q6L” tracking_id=”hairma-20″ title=”Pelokaa Bohemian Passion Twist Hair” /]
  5. [amazon link=”B092ZPDDVV” tracking_id=”hairma-20″ title=”MarchQueen Goddess Locs” /]
  6. [amazon link=”B092TNK7PC” tracking_id=”hairma-20″ title=”Youngluchi Goddess Locs” /]
  7. [amazon link=”B092V526T8″ tracking_id=”hairma-20″ title=”Alimiriam New Goddess Locs” /]
  8. [amazon link=”B09KP9J72K” tracking_id=”hairma-20″ title=”Umylar Bohemian Passion Twist Hair” /]
  9. [amazon link=”B09248ZVL8″ tracking_id=”hairma-20″ title=”Leeven Crochet Braids” /]
  10. [amazon link=”B08MTN4VD5″ tracking_id=”hairma-20″ title=”Leeven Passion Twist Hair” /]

Ginger locs for men and women are definitely a new trend. Many options have been tested by me, my colleagues, friends, or relatives to select the best ones. I also considered objective customer reviews on the Internet. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of the top 10 synthetic locs!

1. ZRQ New Faux Locs: Top Pick

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These ginger red locs merit your attention. ZRQ HAIR brand has been making wigs and hair extensions for over 20 years and provides customers with high-quality products. You can see many great reviews about them on the Internet.

I helped my friend install these ginger crochet faux locs. It took a little time, and it was simple. We needed 5 packs for a full head.

Woman with ZRQ Locs

In my opinion, a black woman with ginger locs looks like a queen. This color is unusual but natural at the same time. After unpacking, the strands are a little tangled. My friend soaked them in apple cider vinegar, washed them with a conditioner and dried them outdoors. She wears 24″ wavy pre-looped ropes and gets many great compliments. But if you require a shorter length, you can cut them. Unlike other fake locs, ZRQ locs make your natural strands straight or slightly wavy. It allows you to change your hairstyle often. I recommend ZRQ’s dark ginger locs for their excellent quality and affordable price.

Pros: Cons:
  • Lightweight;
  • Amazing color;
  • Soft;
  • Easy to install;
  • Odorless.
  • Strands may be a little tangled.

2. SamBraid New Soft Locs: Runner-Up

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To create this review, I had to test many ginger and red locs. The extensions from SamBraid were so convenient and stylish that I did not want to change them for others. I installed these ginger soft locs in 3 hours. They are made of skin-friendly and non-toxic material named kanekalon. You will also not notice knots throughout the entire 24″ length of the strand. SamBraid checks the quality of its products, from raw material to finished extension. Synthetic hair allows you to create many trendy hairstyles. I could create ginger butterfly locs.

Woman with SamBraid Locs

These strands dry faster than other options. This is because locs are thin and light. This thickness suits me. If you want more volume, choose other extensions, or add faux hair. All in all, the product is worth its money. After unpacking, the strands had a slight smell, disappearing after soaking in vinegar. I recommend soaking in apple cider vinegar and washing all extensions, even if they have no smell. They will become softer.

Pros: Cons:
  • Beautiful dark ginger color;
  • Easy to install;
  • Skin-friendly material;
  • No knots.
  • A slight smell.

3. BEkjdiof Goddess Locs: Budget Choice

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Synthetic extensions typically have an affordable price and offer you decent quality. However, I offer the most budget-friendly option for those who want to get a new hairstyle for a few days. The excellent quality for the lowest price.

These ginger faux locs were tested by my colleague before a photo shoot. Her hairdresser made a full head by adding 24-inch strands. The process took 4 hours. Although the strands are quite thick, they are not too heavy. My colleague got beautiful wavy ginger locs on dark skin. With this hairstyle, she looks like a mermaid. I love how the heavily textured roots and loose, wavy ends look. Although my colleague planned to wear extensions for about a week, she left her locks for a month. Then she washed, conditioned, and dried them. Installed again, and the strands looked like new.

Woman in a trip with BEkjdiof Locs

The low price also has its small disadvantages. These strands are a bit stiff, so you will need to soak them in apple cider vinegar and wash them before installing them. Spray hair with leave-in conditioner constantly while wearing extensions.

Pros: Cons:
  • Beautiful wavy ends;
  • Amazing color;
  • Lightweight;
  • Low price.
  • A little stiff;
  • Strands can get tangled.

4. Pelokaa Bohemian Passion Twist Hair: Best Ombre

[amazon box=”B08LDG6Q6L” template=”vertical” tracking_id=”hairma-20″]

These ginger orange locs are amazing in color and suitable for creating trendy styles. They make perfect passion twists and butterflies. Typically, the color in the picture is slightly different from the real one. However, I received a 100% orange ombre as I wanted. The strands are made from low-temperature synthetic fiber. These locs are super soft and easy to install. I didn’t feel heavy while wearing them for 2 weeks, although the faux extensions were quite tight, and I bought 16 inches long. I did passion braids and got excellent compliments. My friends thought it was my natural hair.

Woman with ginger locks

The only negative was that I noticed the strands were a little tangled after about a week. But there is no problem with extensions that you can’t solve with your fingers.

Pros: Cons:
  • Beautiful ombre;
  • Lightweight;
  • Soft strands;
  • Easy to install;
  • Ideal for passion twists and butterflies.
  • Strands get a little tangled over time.

5. MarchQueen Goddess Locs: Best Boho Look

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MarchQueen extensions are incredibly elastic and soft. They look and feel like your natural hair, even though it is a low-temperature synthetic material. They do not have odors and do not shed. Faux hair looks voluminous, but at the same time, it is quite light.
My friend and her teenage daughter installed extensions from this brand before an important family holiday. I think ginger locs for dark skin are ideal. The dark color at the roots looks natural, while the light strands emphasize the face.

Ginger dreads on the white background

They liked this boho style. A teenager has been wearing locks for a month, and her mom took them off a week ago. She wants to do a deep moisturizing treatment on her natural hair and install strands in a different color from this brand. On the downside, the strands are a bit thin and can cause slight itching if not soaked in apple cider vinegar before installation.

Pros: Cons:
  • Lightweight;
  • Elastic and soft;
  • Ideal for Boho style;
  • Look like natural ginger locs.
  • Strands are a little thin.

6. Youngluchi Goddess Locs: Best River Strands

[amazon box=”B092TNK7PC” template=”vertical” tracking_id=”hairma-20″]

The manufacturer offers extensions made from Hi-Q low-temperature synthetic fiber. These ginger goddess locs are shiny and silky and have no smell. I love how the hair looks with these extensions. It’s like the waves of a rushing river. You can wear loose hair, and it looks stylish.

The installation will be easy even for beginners, as the hinges are thin. This feature saves you time and lets you delicately set the strands with a hook needle without damaging the sensitive scalp.

Youngluchi Locs on the surface

During washing, I did not notice any shedding. Light strands dry quickly enough after swimming in the pool and shower. Wavy locs may be a little tangled, but that can be fixed.

Such curls attract the attention of others. My niece is allergic, and I ordered the same set for her. Installation by the stylist took only 2 and a half hours. While wearing the extensions, she did not feel itching or any negative reactions from her body.

Pros: Cons:
  • Soft;
  • Skin-friendly material;
  • Easy to install;
  • Lightweight;
  • Rich ombre color.
  • Strands may become a little tangled.

7. Alimiriam New Goddess Locs: Best for Hippie Style

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Charming pigtails have a red copper tone. I think this option is ideal for the hippie style. The strands are soft to the touch, like natural hair. They are quite thick but not heavy. The installation is also simple. Some people may experience itching and rashes from wearing synthetic hair, but these locs do not cause allergic reactions. My friend buys kits from the Alimiriam brand for work. He claims they are superior in quality to many of the more expensive options she used to buy from professional stores. He showed many photos of satisfied customers. Ginger colored locs look especially chic on black women.

Alimiriam Locs on the woman head

After unpacking, there is a slight smell. The stylist treats all their extensions with an antibacterial agent and washes them before installation. After that, the smell goes away, and I recommend doing this with any new kits.

Pros: Cons:
  • Ideal for creating hippie hairstyle;
  • Don’t cause allergic reactions;
  • Lightweight;
  • Beautiful copper tone;
  • Suitable for professional use.
  • Strands have a slight smell after unpacking.

8. Umylar Bohemian Passion Twist Hair: Best Option for Hot Climates

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What could be better than going on vacation with chic passion braids? These ginger locs are handy for the heat as they are short. You will have a divine look with short hair. The texture of the strands is super soft and fluffy. The braids after installation look neat.

Woman with Umylar Hair

My colleague has been testing these extensions as her protective hairstyle for the summer. Her hairdresser, during installation, noted the decent quality of synthetic strands. They are smooth and can be reused. The trendy ginger ombre looks colorful and stylish. A colleague swam in the ocean with these twisted braids, and they remained just as chic. Plus, they are lightweight and dry quickly. After unpacking, there is a slight chemical smell. But you already know what to do with it.

Pros: Cons:
  • Ideal for short hairstyles;
  • Soft strands;
  • Stylish twisted braids;
  • Beautiful ombre.
  • Strands have a slight smell after unpacking.

9. Leeven Crochet Braids: Best Messy Butterflies

[amazon box=”B09248ZVL8″ template=”vertical” tracking_id=”hairma-20″]

These curly and wavy hair extensions are 12 inches long and have a beautiful copper red shade. Synthetic locs are strong but soft enough, and I love their natural shine. The hinges are tight and small. However, they can be adjusted during installation.

Leeven Crochet Braids in the hands

I bought these ginger orange butterfly locs to have a trendy hairstyle for my friend’s wedding. Having added extensions a few days before the event, I simply gathered braids at the top on the wedding day and decorated them with gold hairpins. I received many compliments. The distressed butterflies are pre-looped, so you should install them on your natural hair.

On the minuses, extensions are heavy. If I had a large length, it would probably lead to headaches. All in all, the butterflies held up well for a week. I wanted to wear them longer but had to test more options for this review.

Pros: Cons:
  • Shiny;
  • Rich color;
  • Soft.
  • Heavy.

10. Leeven Passion Twist Hair: Best Strands for Sensitive Skin

[amazon box=”B08MTN4VD5″ template=”vertical” tracking_id=”hairma-20″]

High quality for a low price? It’s possible. These extensions from the Leeven brand are perfect for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. They are odorless, non-scratch, and made of high-quality synthetic material. Also, these burnt orange ginger locs are great for creating a lot of trendy hairstyles like distressed butterflies and passionate braids. You can make neat strands or more messy ones.

Woman with Leeven Hair

I bought 12-inch copper red extensions. I love their light bounce and amazing softness. I added ginger and blonde butterfly locs to the hairstyle for an exciting effect. I recommend placing light strands closer to the face. I wore these strands for a month, and without much care, they looked stylish.

Unfortunately, this option has a disadvantage. It was not so easy for me to install these extensions, although I am not a beginner. But for the sake of such beauty, I am ready to sacrifice an extra hour of work.

Pros: Cons:
  • Skin-friendly material;
  • No smell;
  • Soft.
  • Not easy to install.

Ginger Locs Buying Guide

Choose any options, ginger and blonde locs, green or blue ones — there is everything you want on the market. Read this guide before buying to know what to look for.

The Main Styles of Faux Locs

  • Passion twists have a bouncy and almost loose look. To create such a hairstyle, 2 strands are twisted and curled with water.
  • Butterfly strands look like tousled braids. Wavy strands are braided using a needle hook and then loosely wound, which gives a messy light effect.
  • Goddess locs have open wavy ends and extra curls along the length of the strand.
  • Bohemian (Boho) locs. Similar to goddess locs, but do not necessarily have wavy ends. The type of boho hairstyle is more heterogeneous and flowing. To create it, strands of different textures and lengths are used.
  • Soft locs is one of the varieties of hairstyles in which the hair is twisted into thick strands. Then they are wound in a spiral.

Ginger locks with blue locks

Characteristics of Hair Extensions

Think about your hairstyle and choose synthetic strands according to your requirements.

1. Length

You can choose strands for a short hairstyle and not overpay for the length. However, if you’re unsure if the length is enough, it’s always best to trim off the excess by choosing a few extra inches.

2. Weight

Most synthetic locs are lightweight. But it will also vary from the length of the strands, the number of packages installed, and the thickness of the particular extension. Pay attention to these points if you have thin hair or suffer from migraines.

3. Color

Pay attention to the reviews with photos to get exactly the shade you want. In most cases, buyers photograph their hair in natural light; thus, you can compare the color in the photo from the site to real life.

4. Style

Many faux locs are versatile and suitable for creating a variety of styles. However, it is better to select the option that suits you exactly. For example, the extension for a goddess look will have full-length extra curls and open wavy ends.

What Are the Best Ginger Locs?

I recommend the ginger faux locs from the ZRQ HAIR brand. They are beautiful, soft, elastic, odorless, and have an affordable price. Many customers are crazy about its amazing ginger color. It is rich, fresh, unusual, trendy, and natural at the same time.

FAQ on Faux Locs

Since faux locs are similar to dreads, beginners have many logical questions.

Can Locs Be Undone?

Yes, you can unlock your faux locs. Moisturize your hair when removing them. Use your fingers to unravel the strands from roots to ends. Loosen the loops and take apart the braids. You can use scissors to separate the protective layer quickly. Be careful if the synthetic extensions are the same color as your natural hair.

Tip: Apply castor oil to your natural strands before installing extensions to make the removal process easier later.

Ginger dreads on the table

What Is the Difference Between Locs and Dreads?

Dreads may be a part of a person’s spiritual lifestyle, a tool for transmitting personal views, deeply connected with the history of this hairstyle. Locs are typically look-oriented and have a cultivated interpretation of dread.

Faux Locs: Make Your Hair Look Divine

Synthetic extensions allow you to create a trendy protective hairstyle quickly. After installation, even loose strands will look stylish, and you do not have to spend time every morning styling your hair. Various shapes, colors, and textures allow you to create a unique style. The perfect choice for creative people. I recommend faux locs from the ZRQ brand. They are the most versatile and have the best value for money.

Have you ever worn dreads? What shades of locs do you like the most? Share your experience in the comments below!

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