Best Blue Dreads: Overview of 6 Sets

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If you want to spend less time on your daily styling and make it more daring and memorable, consider extension with the best blue dreads. Various shades of blue are trending in 2024. Although earlier hairstyles with dreadlocks were considered popular only among hippies, modern reality erases the stereotypes. You can refresh any style. Hairstyle options range from neat to messy and crazy. You often see blue dreads on black people, and it looks amazing! Many celebrities also add such elements to their hair. Read my review of the 6 best sets that make it easy to experiment with looks.

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Top 6 Best Blue Dreads

  1. [amazon link=”B07S61D6KP” tracking_id=”hairma-20″ title=”Aosome Dreadlocks” /]: Top Pick
  2. [amazon link=”B077W5DF61″ tracking_id=”hairma-20″ title=”Aosome Mixed Blue Color Dreadlocks” /]: Runner-Up
  3. [amazon link=”B08BJ6KKKT” tracking_id=”hairma-20″ title=”S-noilite Ombre Dreadlocks” /]: Budget Choice
  4. [amazon link=”B08Z3VXR2L” tracking_id=”hairma-20″ title=”Yini Ombre Dreadlocks” /]
  5. [amazon link=”B07V9SDLFW” tracking_id=”hairma-20″ title=”DaddyDread Crochet Cream Blue Dreadlocks” /]
  6. [amazon link=”B09SS52RLY” tracking_id=”hairma-20″ title=”DaddyDread Crochet Pastel Dreadlocks” /]

Handmade dreadlocks are usually very expensive, and you have to pay hundreds of dollars. I have compiled a list of low-cost but high-quality sets. Most variations of blue dreads are male and female, and you can easily choose the option you like to try a dread head hairstyle.

1. Aosome Dreadlocks: Top Pick

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These light blue dreads are 20 inches long and completely handmade. The thickness is optimal: the strands are not too thin, but not thick either. There are definitely the best extensions for the money. I love them for their ease of installation and chic look. Although they are synthetic, they become softer and do not shine after boiling. It is necessary to boil no more than 1 minute to avoid losing color.

Aosome Dreadlocks on the white background

My friend also wanted to buy some of these sets for herself. Although she gets migraines, the addition of dreadlocks hasn’t caused any more headaches since the strands are very light (about 6g). She was also surprised by the quality, as she liked the Aosome set better than the $300 human hair strands.

The only negative for me was that the hook in the set was small. I would recommend buying a 27 mm tool for more convenience.

Pros: Cons:
  • Lightweight;
  • High quality for little money;
  • Optimal thickness;
  • Elastic;
  • Amazing shade.
  • Inconvenient hook in the set.

2. Aosome Mixed Blue Color Dreadlocks: Runner-Up

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This set from the Aosome brand has the same characteristics as the first option. However, the shades are different. This set contains 10 navy blue dreads and 10 light blue dyed dreads. It is the best choice for those who want to experiment a lot. After all, removing and installing strands is easy, and you can try many hairstyles by combining shades. These mixed blue dreads for men and women look stylish. The tips of blue dreads do not stick out like a stiff brush.

Aosome dreadlocks on the table

My artist friend asked me to order strands for him. It became an inexpensive and easy way for him to express himself creatively. After 5 months of wearing it, his dark blue dreads mixed with light blue still look amazing.

Pros: Cons:
  • Lightweight;
  • High quality for little money;
  • Optimal thickness;
  • Elastic;
  • Beautiful mix of colors.
  • Inconvenient hook in the set.

3. S-noilite Ombre Dreadlocks: Budget Choice

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This ombre option not only has an excellent cost but is also long (24 inches). You can choose any colors: light blue and black dreads, blue or purple dreads. The strands are pretty light, and one weighs only 5 g. Even if you add 3 packs to your natural hair, your head will not hurt from the weight. The material from which they are made is called high-temperature synthetic heat-resisting fiber. It can be a little harsh. I recommend boiling for one minute with the addition of a conditioner. This method will make the strands softer. You can choose any fancy colors, with a black tint closer to the roots of the hair.

S-noilite Dreadlocks in a hairstyle

My niece, who is naturally a brunette, was fine with it. She loves her new dreads with blue tips. She noticed no problems with the installation, although she did it for the first time without outside help. That’s an excellent choice for beginners who want to stand out from the crowd.

Pros: Cons:
  • Low cost;
  • Without chemical dyes;
  • Bright trendy colors;
  • Easy to install.
  • A little harsh material;
  • Are not suitable for blondes

4. Yini Ombre Dreadlocks: Best Option for Hot Climates

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The chic strands, with a stretch of color from black to light blue, are 22 inches long. They look very unusual. The ends are curly but can be straightened out. Set the straightener to ultra-light heat and iron the tips of the strands several times.

Woman with Yini Ombre Dreadlocks

My colleague from one resort town has long wanted to try to make herself such a daring hairstyle. However, she was worried that frequent swimming in the ocean and high air temperature were incompatible with long dreadlocks. She still decided to experiment, choosing an inexpensive set. For little money, a colleague received soft strands that are light in weight (5-7 g) and are great for hot weather. They dry quickly after getting wet. Gorgeous blue female dreads.

Pros: Cons:
  • Lightweight;
  • Ideal for hot weather;
  • Beautiful colors;
  • Soft strands.
  • Are not suitable for blondes.

5. DaddyDread Crochet Cream Blue Dreadlocks: Best Set for a Natural Look

[amazon box=”B07V9SDLFW” template=”vertical” tracking_id=”hairma-20″]

This set will appeal to those who want calmer tones. These light blue and blonde dreads look original. The soft strands are made from kanekalon, a non-toxic acrylic sheet. The length is 20 inches. I love using these dreadlocks and have been wearing them for half a year. Natural cream shades and excellent quality made this one of my favorites. I love these little braids in the set. I wish it were thicker. While creating this list, I also read a lot of reviews on the Internet. Many customers say that people around thought they were natural dreadlocks. Of the minuses: long delivery from Russia.

Pros: Cons:
  • Beautiful creamy colors;
  • Cute braids in strands;
  • Natural everyday look.
  • Long delivery;
  • Thin strands.

DaddyDread near the fibre

6. DaddyDread Crochet Pastel Dreadlocks: Best Pastel Colors

[amazon box=”B09SS52RLY” template=”vertical” tracking_id=”hairma-20″]

It’s another extension from the DaddyDread brand. Pastel shades of light blue, pink, and purple are suitable for teenagers and women. In these strands, pigtails are also added. I think fairies should have such a hairstyle if they exist. You can choose length (20-22 inches, 24-26 inches) and thickness (0.3,0.4, or 0.5 inches).

DaddyDread on the woman

I gave this set to my friend for a fairy cosplay. She liked the ease of installation and the quality of the strands. She has been wearing these dreadlocks ever since (about 4 months). However, I recommend wearing them for 1.5-2 months.

Pros: Cons:
  • Possibility to select length and thickness;
  • Soft strands;
  • Beautiful colors.
  • Long delivery;
  • Probably not suitable for men

Blue Dreads Buying Guide

Whether you want red and blue dreads or natural colors, you should pay attention to the main rules before buying extensions.

What to Look For When Selecting Dreadlocks

Think about your hairstyle and follow your requirements during the selection.

1. Length

Measure the length you need. Add a few inches to spare (they will come in handy for installation). It is always better to choose longer strands that can be trimmed.

2. Material type

Dreadlocks made from natural human hair are considered the best option. However, such sets cost hundreds of dollars. There are options made from synthetic materials for those who want to try a new look without spending too much money. Production technologies allow such dreadlocks to look natural. After boiling, they will become less shiny and more elastic. Modern materials (for example, kanekalon) are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

3. Weight

Please note that you should choose light dreadlocks if you suffer from migraines. After bathing and showering, they may become quite heavy. Most synthetic extensions are very light (about 5g/1 strand) and will not pull out your natural hair even if you use 2 or 3 packs over your head.

4. Color

Manufacturers offer a wide range of colors and their combinations. Whether you want blue and green dreads or extensions in every rainbow color, you’ll find them. Please note that the color in the photo and reality may differ. To find the perfect shade, ask the seller to take a picture of the dreadlocks in natural light.

Ombre dreads on the head

The Benefits of Synthetic Dreadlocks

In addition to the fact that a set of synthetic extensions is much cheaper than natural hair, it has many other advantages.

  • You can easily install strands and just as easily remove them. It allows you to diversify your hairstyle for the weekend or wear it for 2 months.
  • A variety of colors and weaves makes it easy and often to experiment.
  • Synthetic strands also protect your natural hair from damage and do not pull it out, as synthetic extensions are lightweight.

What Are the Best Blue Dreads?

If you want to add sky blue dreadlocks to your hair, I recommend the Aosome kit. They are high quality and look natural. If you dream of a combination of light blue and dark blue, you should consider the extension of mixed blue from the same brand.

FAQ About Dreadlocks

You want to know more about extensions that look unusual. Find out answers to common questions about dreadlocks.

What Are the Best Types of Dreads?

The most popular are Rasta dreadlocks. They look like braided ropes, vaguely resembling pigtails. Also, common styles are Bob Marley’s freedom dreadlocks, twisted and Bohemian dreads.

Can You Swim with Dreads?

Definitely yes! Just remember that while chlorine and salt water won’t affect synthetic dreadlocks in any way, they aren’t great for your skin and natural hair. After bathing, wring out all the strands well from excess moisture, then wash at home with shampoo and dry. Loose hair can be fixed with a special hook.

Dark blue dreads on the blue background

Do Dreads Grow Faster?

Hair grows at your normal pace, regardless of hairstyle. It may seem that your natural hair becomes longer with dreadlocks, but this is because you do not comb your curls. Braiding dreadlocks, part of the fallen hair is preserved.

Join the Dread Head Club

Most synthetic dreadlocks are of excellent quality, low price, and 100% handmade. These strands look natural and can be used for years with proper care. You can pick any version for your extraordinary hairstyle in the hair extension market. For those who want to be trendy and choose blue, I advise sky blue strands from Aosome. They will suit both men and women.

How do you take care of your synthetic dreads? Share your experience in the comments!

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