We want to share most popular myths about hair care with you.

Myth 1. The more often hair is cut, the faster it will grow

Since hair does not grow from tips, but from roots, the haircut affects on the hair growth no way. Besides, shaving off all hair does not affect on the hair density, as the number of hair follicles is coded genetically for each person.

Myth 2. Air hair drying is better than a blow drying

If you have short hair that dries itself in a few minutes, you do not need to use a hairdryer. However, it is better to blow-dry long hair, as water penetrates to the hair structure, literally washes away keratin, making them brittle and dry.

Myth 3. Hair “gets used” to shampoo

Since hair consists of dead tissueы, there can be no question of any “habituation.” In other words, if you wash your head with the same shampoo for a long time, your hair will not get dirty faster or grow slower – many factors can influence on it, but not the hair “habit” to a particular brand.

Myth 4. Dry scalp is the main factor in appearing a dandruff

Here is exactly the opposite situation. Dandruff occurs in people with oily scalp. It is recommended to stop using hair oil when the problem occurs.

Myth 5. Hair split ends can be restored

With the help of special masks or oils, you can “close” split ends for a while. However, you need to cut hair from time to time to get rid of them.

We are taught from childhood that daily washing spoils hair, and proper care can increase the hair volume. However, as you see, most of these beliefs are nothing but a myth.


5 hair care myths you should stop believing

2 thoughts on “5 hair care myths you should stop believing

  • 12.01.2018 at 15:54

    Is it true, that the more often you wash your hair, the more it becomes oily?

    • 12.01.2018 at 15:56

      It is another one popular myth. The amount of oily cells is coded genetically. Therefore, frequent or rare washing does not affect on hair condition. However, properly selected care can regulate the work of the sebaceous glands, and hair will get dirty slower.

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